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The New Cars and Blondie: Road Rage

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The New Cars and Blondie: Road Rage album cover
Not Tonight
Artist: The New Cars
Just What I Needed
Artist: The New Cars
More Than This
Artist: Blondie
Artist: Blondie
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Total Tracks: 4   Total Length: 15:49

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Amelia Raitt


Amelia Raitt is a former writer for the television program Mr. Belvedere and has been writing about pop music of all colors and stripes for eMusic since 2005. S...more »

The New Cars And Blondie, The New Cars and Blondie: Road Rage
Label: Eleven Seven Music

It's been thirty years since Blondie and The Cars first brought edgy new wave to FM radio, but these four songs — taken from a full-length album that's available for download with the purchase of a ticket to the current Blondie/New Cars tour — are a sunny reminder of why they mattered in the first place. They may sound a bit different — Cars vocalist Ric Ocasek decided to sit out this tour, but his… read more »

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More Blondie at eMusic!


Debbie has been singing this cover on the road, nice to find it a performance of it here at at emusic.

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Now I Feel Old...


Two of the biggest band names when I was a pre teen are now placed on the " bands that are doing the 20+ year old reunion tour" group list-- eek. That takes the biscuit. While I was not fond of either of the Blondie tracks, Rundgren does fit the bill nicely in the slots that Ocasek and Orr filled.

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Another classic from Blondie


More Than This is yet another wonderful recording by Blondie. The band takes this classic Roxy Music song and makes it their own pop rock smash. I first heard Blondie perform this song live on their last tour and loved it. I'm so glad they decided to record a studio version of this gem. The song it perfect for Debbie Harry's voice and she sounds wonderful. The New Cars also have a great song with Not Tonight. It's very catch and it pops hard.

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So crazy it might work...


Elliott Easton and especially Greg Hawks were a huge part of the Cars sound so it's good to hear them playing together. Todd is a brilliant choice for frontman as his voice falls somewhere between Ric Ocasik and the late Ben Orr (who sang lead on the original Just What I Needed - not Ric O.) And anyone who heard Todd's last album Liars knows that he has plenty of great songs in him. A bunch of talented rockers having fun? Sounds good to me.

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Kinda funny to see one reviewer call the (old) Cars' style inimitable when that's just what is being done here -- Rundgren imitating Ocasek. I think we found out that Rundgren was pretty good at imitations from his own "Faithful" album.

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"Not Tonight" sounds like a song that would have fit very comfortably on either the "Shake it Up" or "Heartbeat City" LP's. Great song! Nice to hear new material in the Cars'inimitable style and quality (even if it's really only 2/5 of the original line-up). Can't wait for the May release of the live and new stuff. Please come by Seattle, WA or Portland, OR. Would love to see you guys live!

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Todd Sounds Pretty Good


Rundgren sounds pretty close to Ric Ocasek, but you have to wonder if the world really needs "The New Cars." Todd says he needs the money -- sort of like the Sex Pistols "Filthy Lucre" tour in the mid-90s. Elliot Easton did an 80s solo album that is excellent if you can find it.

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Dang, guys! Kinda upcut the big finish on Dreming, didn't ya? -- Not bad enough to skip the download (pretty hot, high energy stuff for an ol' geezette), but that last snare shot gets snipped just as the stick hits the head. Weird. Oh. Overall, the whole EP is well worth the downloads. Beats the snot out of last year's Rolling Stones leftovers. The beachdog sez: "Woof!"