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Yes, It's True.

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Yes, It's True. album cover
You Don't Know Me
3:25   $1.29
Popular by Design
4:13   $1.29
Hold Yourself Up
4:23   $1.29
Carefully Try
3:54   $1.29
You're Golden
4:08   $1.29
Heart Talk
3:42   $1.29
Blurry up the Lines
4:25   $1.29
Let Them Be
3:14   $1.29
Raise Your Head
5:18   $1.29
What Would You Do?
4:36   $1.29
7:27   $1.29
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Total Tracks: 11   Total Length: 48:45

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Barry Walters


Award-winning critic Barry Walters is a longtime contributor to Rolling Stone, Spin, the Village Voice, and many other publications. His interview with Prince a...more »

The Polyphonic Spree, Yes, It's True.
2013 | Label: Kirtland Records / The Orchard

The Polyphonic Spree’s most obvious asset — its awesome size — is also its most challenging obstacle: For every massive choral-symphonic climax that blasts into the psych-pop heavens, there have been many double-fortissimo thuds too big and bloated to achieve liftoff. To create the Dallas ensemble’s fourth album (not including last year’s Christmas album, a live Rocky Horror tribute and other ephemera), leader and former Tripping Daisy Tim DeLaughter has Kickstarter-funded a slightly leaner Polyphonic… read more »

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Muzak for the modern age?


It's happy, it's thick and proud of what it is. But is that enough to warrant the accolades being bestowed? You'll have to decide for yourself, because I simply can't hear it. There is nothing ground breaking, clever, or particularly attractive about this set of tunes. The vocals are at best tolerable, and at worst excessively annoying. There's no range, just a thin whining which varies in thickness. There's a definite happy 60's retro feel, and that may be enough to pull you in and keep you. And hey, everyone likes peppy happy tunes, right? It's just, ugh - one song is like a slice of thick sugar cake. The whole thing would send you into shock, and that's what this cd is, just too much of the same thing, and it's just not that rewarding. It's could almost be a children's album with the level of simplicity on some tracks (Let them Be as an example). What would you do? to quote one particularly cloying tune - I'd pass on this bland stew o' sound and keep looking.