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Don't Be Mean
We Smile
No One's Little Girl
Shouting Out Loud
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Total Tracks: 4   Total Length: 16:37

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Wondering Sound

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Douglas Wolk


Douglas Wolk writes about pop music and comic books for Time, the New York Times, Rolling Stone, Wired and elsewhere. He's the author of Reading Comics: How Gra...more »

The Raincoats, Extended Play
2002 | Label: Smells Like Records / Revolver

In the liner notes of Incesticide, Kurt Cobain told the story of how he'd tracked down "that wonderfully classic scripture," the Raincoats '1979 debut album, in England. Songwriters Ana da Silva and Gina Birch reformed the group in 1994 to open for Nirvana on the tour that never happened. They did, however, tour America, and recorded this EP for a BBC radio session: two new songs and two early favorites, performed with the sure-footed power… read more »

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fun enough


i'm not nuts about this, but it was a fun listen all the same.

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Wonderfully eccentric


Don't be Mean is a rare gem that improves with repeated listens. The song is utterly unique and essential. This is the kind of music that could only have been done by a British band. The third song is pretty good, too.

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After being jaded by so much unoriginal music, I was delighted to hear this band's vibrancy and originality. Fun and cocky, this EP instantly brightened my day.

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Funky/odd new wave masterpieces


The Raincoats were one of many bands coming in the post-punk era who put into practice a DIY feminist agenda. Essential listening for anyone who likes The Au Pairs, Slits, X-Ray Spex, Delta 5, Essential Logic etc and as witty and intelligent as any of these. Stand-out track, bottling 1979/1980 student union gigs in a track, is the third.

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