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Hometowns album cover
The Ballad of the RAA
Rush Apart
The Dethbridge in Lethbridge
Don't Haunt This Place
The Deadroads
Drain the Blood
Frank, AB
The Air
Sleep All Day
Four Night Rider
In the Summertime
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Total Tracks: 13   Total Length: 37:26

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The Rural Alberta Advantage, Hometowns
2009 | Label: Saddle Creek

Nils Edenloff, the lead singer for the Rural Alberta Advantage, possesses a complete and utter inability to sing with any measure of distance or cynicism. With his nasal, earnest voice, Nils pleads, pledges, confesses, praises and laments. Give him a slice of history like the 1903 disaster in the Canadian mining town of Frank, Alberta that buried an entire town alive beneath a rockslide, bodies still dug from its ruins decades later, and what does… read more »

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Come on eMusic, make this available in the UK!

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I downloaded this album because it got great reviews...I feel so bad saying this but I did not like the album. The lead singer is so frighteningly out of tune that I cannot bear to listen to him.

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Great Album


Great album get it. But eMusic, to be fair, this album was re-released by a label in 2009. It's been self-released since at least mid-2008.

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Believe the hype


I bought this album the day it came out on Emusic in 2008 and it's been love at each listen ever since. So much that it has never left the disc changer in my car since. Yes Nils sounds like NMH, but their songs are much more hopeful and light than NMH could ever be. Do yourself a favor and see them live, I just saw my 7th show in the last 18 months and came away blown away once again. Paul does more with less than many of his contemporaries could ever hope to on the drums and through their voices Nils and Amy truly evoke the feeling that yes, they do love the advantage that Alberta gave them...

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Hidden Gem


Just discovered this album and WOW it is amazing. From start to finish this is an album that will be high on my listening list.

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on constant repeat!


So I'm new to this band... I heard a couple tracks on lastfm a while back and decided to get this record. Yes, initially I was reminded of Neutral Milk Hotel, but only marginally...and that's not a bad thing. I'm really into this album right now. Seriously into it, it's been on constant repeat in my car, at work and on my ipod. The songs are tight, the singer's is the bomb and the drummer is a bad ass. Really looking forward to whatever they put out next.

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A very raw, uninhibited, intense album. The way the drummer plays gives the record a jittery, jumpy quality that, for me, was at times unnerving. If you took old-school punk and neo-folk and mixed them up, it seems like this is what you'd get. Not my cup of tea, but I'm not a big fan of Neutral Milk Hotel either - and these two albums are pretty similar, as has been mentioned many times.

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Best Album Of 2009!


Wow, what a truly original sound. I can't believe this is a debut album. It's so addicting! With the exception of "The Air," every single song is my favorite. I want more...NOW!!!

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The drums ...


This album's energy is infectious. The songwriting is tight, the vocals perfect. But it's those drums that will have you hitting repeat. Try to stand still during "Don't Haunt This Place."

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eMusic Selects: The Rural Alberta Advantage

By Yancey Strickler, Contributor

The Rural Alberta Advantage are Nils Edenloff, Amy Cole and Paul Banwatt. They come from Toronto (singer Nils Edenloff hails from Alberta, hence the name), and Hometowns is their first record, and it is a great one. Hometowns is a classic indie-rock record, both in aim and in result. Their songs sigh and exclaim, occasionally simultaneously, their emotions varied but the sincerity a constant. Certainly any comparisons to Neutral Milk Hotel have a germ of truth.… more »

They Say All Music Guide

With a name like the Rural Alberta Advantage and a debut album called Hometowns, one would hope for an unpretentious collection of amiable indie pop tunes filtered through the wistful lens of a Wes Anderson film, and that’s exactly what you get. Singer/songwriter Nils Edenloff, along with Amy Cole and Paul Banwatt, craft lovelorn postcards to small town heartache, beloved and embittered friends and family, blue collar hardships, and the great big world around them with the kind of wide-eyed gusto that’s extremely effective when played in front of a hundred sweaty, dancing kids at a house show in somebody’s rented basement, but dribbles out of a pair of headphones like a leaky faucet. All too often, that energy is lost when a talented young band like this enters the studio, and RAA do their best to transcend the limitations of their home recorded calling card, but that energy eating reaper follows Hometowns around like a cop car on a Saturday night. If there was an award for “Most likeable album of 2009″, RAA would win by a landslide. Nice try. Can’t wait to hear the next one. – James Christopher Monger

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