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New Seasons

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New Seasons album cover
The First Inquisition (Part 4)
What's Left Behind
Sunset To Dawn
Yours To Discover
Anna Leigh
The Trial
My Heart Of Wood
A Simple Aspiration
Wolf Tones
Never Again
The Land Between
The Last Inquistion (Part 5)
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Total Tracks: 13   Total Length: 35:48

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Andrew Mueller


Andrew Mueller is a journalist, broadcaster and author. He has written three books: the music/travel anthology Rock & Hard Places, the gonzo history of the

The Sadies, New Seasons
2007 | Label: Yep Roc Records / Redeye

Though this Torontonian concern, based around the perfectly named brothers Dallas and Travis Good, have yet to achieve widespread acclaim outside their native Canada, they don't want for the appreciation of their peers. Their 2006 live album, In Concert Volume 1, featured guest appearances by, among others, former member Neko Case, Canadian country band Blue Rodeo and former Jayhawk Gary Louris — Louris stuck around to produce New Seasons, and Giant Sand's… read more »

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Psychedelic Cowboys!


I love this band. Their own material rocks and they know how to back up a singer with enthusiasm and phantasm.

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brilliant live too


Just got totally pulverised by the Sadies live. Amazing!

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recreates the magic of rock music's first twang


Roger Mcguinn/Clarence White era Byrds mixed with the tumultuous side of Stills/Young Buffalo Springfield.Cosmic cowboy tales of a time that keeps growing but never ages.

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The Dillard and Clark Expedition led here


Wow. Simply a great album. This band has grown over its 5 albums. This is stuff Gene Clark'd be proud of. Solid country rock, following in the footsteps of Buffalo Springfield-The Byrds-The Dillard and Clark Expedition. Some highlights here: "What's Left Behind ," "Anna Leigh," "Wolf Tones ," "The Last Inquistion (Part 5)." (The whole album is worth downloading.) Looking forward to their next offering -- whether here on eMusic or not.

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The Album Cover is Better Than The Music..


A good voice will let you sing the phone book and others will listen. A less than average voice...and nobody wants to listen to it at all. Every city on the North American continent has a house band that sounds like this. So uninspiring and lackluster, dull might be a compliment. Pass It by.

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Toronto, USA


Ok you Americans, the jigs up. So you've annexed Toronto; problem is they don't got no oil. I'm told this album isn't available in my country (Canada). Listen, I'll cut you a good deal on Ottawa. $20 USD and we're good to go. Then I too will be in the USofA and able to listen to Toronto, Ohio bands.

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Sadies Rule!


The sadies are the best band on planet Earth at this time. This record just proves it. Get everything they have and do what you must to see them live!!!! There really is nothing better.

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WOW! What a great band/sound! Where have I been? I can't decide on which ones I like best (to download) ,,,may end up being the whole album. It grows on you the more you listen.

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I second, can't believe it!


I just downloaded 7 tunes off this CD. This is really great music. One of the better things I've heard recently on emusic.

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Can't believe it!


I just can't believe no one has bothered to review on this bunch... Just been listening to "The Trial" and I love it, and there's more in their album. Enjoy!

They Say All Music Guide

It’s almost disorienting to imagine that a band as good as the Sadies can still find room to improve each time they go into the studio, but Canada’s greatest contribution to Americana since Blue Rodeo have been consistently topping themselves with each new album, and their sixth, New Seasons, is another triumph. It should come as no surprise that the Sadies are in superb instrumental form here and demonstrating an effortless mastery of a range of different sounds and styles; “What’s Left Behind” is a superb evocation of the late-period Byrds with guitar work that would make Clarence White envious, “The Trial” is a deeply atmospheric Southern gothic tale with just the right degree of ominous atmosphere, “A Simple Aspiration” could pass for a lost Paisley Underground classic with its subtly psychedelic guitar figures, “The Land Between” is simply gorgeous folk-rock, and the opening bluegrass breakdown makes you wish these guys had let listeners hear more than 48 seconds of it. But for a band that used to prefer playing instrumentals over approaching the vocal mike, brothers Dallas Good and Travis Good have learned to sing nearly as well as they play guitar, and their harmonies add another layer of beauty and mystery to their music. The group’s songwriting continues to impress, with the heartbroken “Sunset to Dawn” and “The Trial” sounding uncannily like lost country classics and the two-part “The Last Inquisition” showing they know how to write a good scary guitar figure for themselves. While ex-Jayhawk Gary Louris helped produce New Seasons, precious little of his influence is audible here; the Sadies have created a powerful and evocative sound on their previous albums, and with New Seasons they’ve given that sound its ideal definition. – Mark Deming

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