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Port Of Morrow

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Port Of Morrow album cover
The Rifle's Spiral
Simple Song
It's Only Life
Bait And Switch
No Way Down
For A Fool
Fall Of '82
40 Mark Strasse
Port Of Morrow
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 40:17

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Lindsay Zoladz


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James Mercer returns with some of his strongest and most confident material
2012 | Label: Aural Apothecary/Columbia

It was the end of The Shins as we knew them — or at least that’s how it seemed in 2009. After a whirlwind decade which the band began as eccentric Albuquerque upstarts and ended — thanks to a an infamous namedrop from Natalie Portman in Garden State and the power-pop chops displayed on the terrific Chutes Too Narrow — the indie equivalent of a household name. But after touring for their last studio… read more »

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I'm an unapologetic Shins fan (from before Garden State, even (and yes, I would totally do NP, even pregs)), but I never got the same thrill from Wincing The Night Away that I've come to expect. Well, it's back, thank gods. It's not as spontaneous as OIW or CTN, but has their beauty. It sounds like the new lineup are all having their say, but Mercer has resumed the center unpretentiously. I like.

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I Should Hate It


I remember checking bins of CD's in the "it" music store in ABQ years ago and spending too much time with the guys at the counter that were in a band called Flake Music. FM put out a disc that sounds like a demo for the first Shins album. Some of the members from FM went on to form the Shins, rise to superstardom and move to Seattle. Point is, I liked those guys, I liked their band, and I loved all of their albums. So when I saw the Shins on SNL recently, I commented to my wife, "what happened to the band and who are those people?".I like bands, I like people that can create something together that none of the members can do individually, and when I saw the "Shins" on TV without the original band members I really wanted to hate this album. Unfortunately, love him or loathe him Mercer is a talented songsmith and despite all my personal hang ups about this not being the band I used to love I can't deny the fact that this is a great album...I just wish he could of come up with a new name

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Cheap-o Hipsters Unite


I knew when i saw the $8.00 price that the skinny jean crowd would be cramping up about the price. iTunes is $10.99, so pipe it down.

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Cheap-o Hipsters Unite


I knew when i saw the $8.00 price that the skinny jean crowd would be cramping up about the price. iTunes is $10.99, so pipe it down. Just don't donate to the Obama 2012 campaign and you'll have the $.

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Good stuff From The Shins


The music is timeless, and fall of 82' brings back memories that gave me a shiver. Unfortunately, so did the $8.24 price tag! This seems to be a growing trend with eMusic, kept up I will be moving on..I prefer lossless anyway, and buy my uber-favs on SACD and,(loving vinyl so) LP for those flashback moods, when I want the sounds of childhood amiss, wafting through them ear boxes

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Let's talk about the MUSIC


The new shins album is very good new music from this indierock band.I liked the Simple song so much that i preorded the whole album before it was released and payed more than it is here,that said,its great either here or there.My favorites are the formentioned and Bait &Switch,No Way Down,and Fall of 82.

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