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Get It Together

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Get It Together album cover
What It Takes
Anything Else
Listen Up
She Is Leaving
When I Go, I'm Gone
I'm A Fucking Genius
Sunset On A Sunday
Breaking Honey's Heart
Something Good For You
I Like It All, Man
Come Along For The Ride
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Total Tracks: 12   Total Length: 38:20

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Supersuckers, Get It Together
2008 | Label: Mid Fi Recordings / Redeye

In celebrating 20 years as a band, The Supersuckers deliver Get It Together, another dose of their meat and potatoes, party-ready rock n 'roll. With bits of country and punk completing the picture, Get It Together is vintage 'Suckers — the proof is in the song titles: "Come Along for the Ride," "I Like It All, Man" and "I'm a Fucking Genius" to name a few. A rollicking good time.

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Not the same...


This album will not be on when I am commuting with the windows down in the summer. As other fans have said, it lacks something. It lacks the punch that puts me in a good mood. I hope they did not peak earlier. No one puts on a show like the Supersuckers, I would consider skipping this one.

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More Awesomeness!


Hey look, if you dig the Supersuckers, you are going to like this album. There seem to be two groups of Supersuckers listeners: 1. Those who dug the early, non-melodic in your face hard rock and 2. Those who prefer their more melodic work after Evil Powers (after 1999). Personally, I like it all man and this album delivers exactly what it promises: Sing along awesomeness by the best awesome-ologists in the indie scene. God see them live. It's a blast!

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Might Skip This One


Not so sure about this one. Seems to be missing something, I don't know maybe balls? The rest of their stuff seems superior

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The fun's been sucked out.


They peaked with Mano Cornuda. The only thing available here that approaches the awesomeness of that record is the first half of Evil Powers. Download that one. This one truly blows.

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Rock Solid


It's a damn good slab of Supersuckersism. Well worth picking up.

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Loved it! Can't wait to see them live again!

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Quality American music, as always. If you don't like it, you have no soul.

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Worth the wait!


The wait is over! The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World return with their most accessible album yet. Classic hard rock with tinges of country and punk - DOWNLOAD IMMEDIATELY!!!

They Say All Music Guide

“Subtle” is not a word that used frequently in connection with the Supersuckers, but compared to the supercharged drive, middle-finger attitude and arena-sized guitar attack of most of their albums (with the obvious exception of their alt-country effort Must’ve Been High), their eighth studio set, Get It Together, suggests this band has at long last embraced the notion of moderation and shading. Longtime fans need not fear, Get It Together still stands tall for Rock & Roll in a big way; guitarists Dan “Thunder” Bolton and Rontrose Heathman haven’t quit beating those Gibsons into submission, and bassist/frontman Eddie Spaghetti and drummer Dan Siegel deliver more than their share of muscle and swagger. But instead of focusing on sheer speed and impact, the Supersuckers have actually paid attention to detail and finesse on Get It Together, and a few of the songs are (gulp) smart and emotionally resonant. “Paid” is a potent no-frills testament to the hard work of just getting by, “Anything Else” is a bittersweet tale of temptation and survival, “She Is Leaving” is a heartfelt post-mortem of a relation on the skids, and “Sunset on a Sunday” looks an uncertain and unfriendly future square in the eye. Then again, this is still the Supersuckers, so Get It Together also includes the super stoopid “I’m a Fucking Genius,” the clearly sincere hymn to excess “I Like It All,” and the balls-out “Listen Up,” which could pass for Foghat in dim light. The Supersuckers haven’t tried to remake themselves into something new and unrecognizable on Get It Together, but after 20 years on the road they’re finally showing faint signs of maturity, and it seems to work in their favor without robbing them of their ability to rock you like the proverbial hurricane. [And if you want to embrace the more sweaty and rambunctious side of the band, pick up the CD rather than the download; it comes with a bonus DVD of the Supersuckers roaring through a loud, proud set on-stage at the Anaheim House of Blues in 2007.] – Mark Deming

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