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No One Can Ever Know: The Remixes

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No One Can Ever Know: The Remixes album cover
Sick (Brokenchord Remix)
Artist: The Twilight Sad, Brokenchord
Sick (Com Truise Remix)
Artist: The Twilight Sad, Com Truise
Nil (Liars Remix)
Artist: The Twilight Sad, Liars
Not Sleeping (The Horrors Remix)
Artist: The Twilight Sad, The Horrors
Alphabet (Optimo Remix)
Artist: The Twilight Sad, Optimo
Not Sleeping (Warsnare Remix)
Artist: The Twilight Sad, Warsnare
Nil (Breton Remix)
Artist: The Twilight Sad, Breton
Alphabet (Ambassadeurs Remix)
Artist: The Twilight Sad, Ambassadeurs
Sick (Brokenchord Remix 2)
Artist: The Twilight Sad, Brokenchord
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Total Tracks: 9   Total Length: 45:44

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Ian Cohen


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A peer evaluation from Com Truise, Liars and more
2012 | Label: FatCat Records / The Orchard

In one sense, No One Can Ever Know already was a Twilight Sad remix album: The Scottish shoegazers didn’t alter their songwriting approach much, but traded geysers of distorted guitars for sleek synthesizer textures and the cavernous, warm production of Peter Katis for the guidance of dance maven Andy Weatherall. It’s a rewarding listen largely because it keeps Twilight Sad’s strongest traits at the forefront, namely James Graham’s compelling brogue and a keen ability to… read more »

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More of a new album, not really remixes....


This album is probably best heard by fans of electronic music separate and apart from the "source" material. In that contexts its probably fantastic. But if you come to this from a love of the original album and are looking for some interesting tweaks of those songs, this goes far beyond that. In fact, most of the songs on here sound like they original works that reach out and sample a riff or vocal track from the original. If you like electronic music and want complete reworkings of the originals you will dig this.

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