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Radio Retaliation

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Radio Retaliation album cover
Sound The Alarm
Radio Retaliation
Hare Krisna
El Pueblo Unido
(The Forgotten People)
33 Degree
Beautiful Drug
La Femme Parallel
Retaliation Suite
The Numbers Game
The Shining Path
Blasting Through the City
Sweet Tides
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Total Tracks: 15   Total Length: 55:55

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Richard Gehr


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Thievery Corporation, Radio Retaliation
Label: ESL Music, Inc. / INgrooves

The beautiful people are restless. Radio Retaliation retains the glazed-velvet façade, groin-grabbing bass beats, talented guest vocalists and nicely balanced international spice of Thievery Corporation's four prior albums, but this time producer-DJs Rob Garza and Eric Hilton, judging by their lyrics, are pissed. Closer in sound and sense to 2002's reggae-driven The Richest Man in Babylon than to 2005's psychedelightful Cosmic Game, Retaliation is a multinational dancefloor call to arms. There's definitely a… read more »

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You have to love this lot -- they are so insanely groovy. And they mess with styles and genres like most of us fiddle with spices in the kitchen. A rich musical melange. Love em.

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Radio Retaliaton


Downloaded for a friend.Didn't listen to it and I probably never will.

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Wonderful mix of eclectic styles and genres put together in a cohesive, very listenable (and fun!) release.

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Amazing album!


They threw it down again. I saw them on tour at Summerfest they had the whole crowd movin. Jump up!

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Solid album


I have to say I have a special place in my heart for Thievery. Richest Man in Babylon is an outrageously good album. This one is solid, if not outrageously good. It feels very smooth, I dig the subject matter, and a few track really grab me. However, the album doesn't seem to flow as well as some of the others. Definitely worth the download, even if it's not an all time favorite.

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Terrific Record from a Terrific Band


Thievery Corporation is one of the best surprises I've come across from my entire emusic collection. I can't think of a more versatile band. I think this record especially illustrates their versatility and rich sound. Their sound ranges from Caribbean (Radio Retaliation, Blasting Through the City), and Salsa (El Pueblo Unido) to Post Punk (Beautiful Drug, and Middle Eastern (Mandala). This is my first Thievery Corporation record. I have since downloaded The Richest Man in Babylon and Sounds from the Thievery, but this one is my favorite of the three.

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What can I say, Thievery Corporation in the most part hit the nail right on the head...With this album it takes a while getting used too.

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a middling effort


But Sweet Tides and The Forgotton People are two hot tracks. The rest, some are good but get old quick and some are so-so.

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Won't buy it


I like TC. I have 2 of their albums The Mirror Conspiracy, and Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi. I can tolerate the Rasta-rants and mild political overtones on these albums because I like the sounds. I can even overlook the racist "Too many white boys" line on the 2001 Spliff Odyssey track. But sounds on Radio Retaliation are not strong enough to make up for the political nonsense and propaganda mixed in. Why do musicians limit themselves this way? TC, loose the agenda and get back to making music.

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liked it


played 33 degree in season two of "true blood" on hbo... Killer drums!!!

They Say All Music Guide

From the title alone, it’s clear that Thievery Corporation has more on its mind than just the construction of breezy coffeehouse soundtracks and laid-back global chill. Radio Retaliation is a record of righteous fury (the targets are political, if that even needs to be said) and one that makes their previous efforts sound like Discreet Music in comparison. Thievery amps up their beats, quickens the pace, and unleashes a phalanx of vocal features to attack the D.C.-based Corporation’s crosstown rivals on Capitol Hill and at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. (Granted, this is still a revolution mostly in the head.) The mélange of worldbeat influences finds all the usual traces (Jamaica, India, Brazil, Nigeria, Arabia), but virtually all of the locales are charted by natives (Sleepy Wonder, Anoushka Shankar, Seu Jorge, Femi Kuti). On the title track, narcoleptic chatter Sleepy Wonder details his list of grievances, speaking for the entire corporation: “50,000 watts of Thievery hit them like poison darts/And watch the whole system what them build up fall apart.” The two most important features are Femi Kuti’s and Seu Jorge’s; first, Kuti uses the track “Vampires” to call out African genocide throughout history (from Kinshasa to Darfur to Lagos to Malabo, Guinea), then Jorge comes next with the yin to Femi’s yang, a beatific ode to peace titled “Hare Krsna.” Thievery producers Rob Garza and Eric Hilton haven’t quite revolutionized their beat-making or production from the past decade, but they sound energized by the political and social events of the 2000s. Despite the politics, there are still a few more of the ethereal masterpieces Thievery Corporation have made a hallmark in the past, including the sublime “Beautiful Drug” (featuring Slovakian singer Jana Andevska) and “Mandala,” a guest feature for Anoushka Shankar that’s particularly refreshing as an alternative to the usual Indian atmosphere on downbeat records (sampled, not played). The liner notes are a huge 20″ x 30″ fold-out booklet, including not only the lyrics but numerous quotes from a variety of world figures — from Einstein, Chomsky, and Edward Bernays to John Lee Hooker and Mos Def. – John Bush

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