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The Mirror Conspiracy

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The Mirror Conspiracy album cover
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Le Monde
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Lebanese Blonde
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Focus On Sight
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Air Batucada
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So Come Voce
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Samba Tranquille
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Shadows Of Ourselves
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The Hong Kong Triad
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The Mirror Conspiracy
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Bario Alto
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Guide For I And I
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Total Tracks: 15   Total Length: 57:08

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As good as you've heard


They really are. This is a smooth electronica record best suited for making out, after-parties, or late night road trips.

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Classic Thievery


Great stuff. #2 on my thievery playlist.

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There are so many favorite on this album


I discovered the music a while ago and finally found the downloads this year. I'm so glad I did, I have so many favorites on this album. Each song is unique with the chill beat and swirling vocals. Major relaxor!

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Who wants more of the same?


Thievery Corp gives you a complete album of music that can still be called "downtempo" or "relax lounge music" and at the same time offer you a variety of sounds, samples, instruments that have roots in many different genres. I love the album, I love all of their albums. Have people over, relax, drink your favorite drink, dim the lights, play this album (and the others too) and write back with your experience. Mine has always been great. I'm also a DJ and I've played this music at cocktail time, always have people asking the name of the artist and where they can buy it. Cheers

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Thievery Corporation- Good Stuff


This is great stuff. Relaxing, entertaining, and full of thought. The fusion of world instruments and modern beats really make this a great CD. In my opinion, best track is "Lebanese Blonde"

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Download everything by them. Now.


Just when you think you've heard all they have to give, they suprise you. Live, they are an aural and visual circus. They do a great job of incorporating guest artists into the mix and divide up the instrumental with the vocal tracks in a way that produces great variety.

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i've swooned over their song from the garden state soundtrack for years and finally bought their album. it's like a perfectly wonderful aged bottle of red wine, french no less. check out the thievery corporation and indulge.

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Lebanese Blond is amazing. The whole album is good listening. It it is hard to find albums where every song is good. Plus, the music doesn't seem to get old- there is an eccentricity in the way the album is set up that keeps it fresh.

They Say All Music Guide

Like their debut album, Thievery Corporation’s second, The Mirror Conspiracy, is a pleasant album of sublime mid-tempo trip-hop, reminiscent of easy listening groove music, and continually referencing the breezier, atmospheric side of Brazilian, Jamaican, French, and Indian forms. The nocturnal dub-poetry of “Treasures” sets a tone for the bruising basslines and echoey keys throughout the album, and “Lebanese Blonde” is another early highlight, with the graceful vocalese of Pam Bricker framing live sitar by Rob Myers and a Jamaican-style horn section. Brazil represents with a triple-shot of “Air Batucada,” “So Com Voce” (with vocals from Bebel Gilberto), and “Samba Tranquille.” French chanteuse Lou Lou adds a bit of downtempo continental flair on “Le Monde” and “Shadows of Ourselves,” and Thievery Corporation even samples Ella Fitzgerald on the ambient-jungle closer “Tomorrow.” As on their first LP, Garza and Hilton occasionally appear satisfied to just push a few grooves and reference their favorite styles of music over the top — at the expense of any new ideas — but The Mirror Conspiracy is excellently produced and almost as stylish as the duo’s swinging suits on the cover. – John Bush

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