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The End

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The End album cover
Our Arrival
0:54   $0.99
4:10   $0.99
Money Flow (Feat K-Rock And Killa Klan Kaze)
4:06   $0.99
Late Night Tip
5:16   $0.99
Gotcha Shakin
6:13   $0.99
I Ain't Goin
3:54   $0.99
Good Stuff
4:16   $0.99
Walk Up 2 Yo House
4:33   $0.99
3:50   $0.99
Last Man Standing (Feat. M-Child And Gangsta Blac)
5:03   $0.99
Destruction Terror (Feat. Prophet Posse)
3:57   $0.99
Body Parts
5:30   $0.99
Where's Da Bud
3:57   $0.99
Gette'm Crunk
4:24   $0.99
Where Da Killaz Hang (Feat. Project Pat)
5:19   $0.99
The End
4:16   $0.99
Life Or Death (Feat. Killa Klan Kaze And Koopsta Knicca)
4:14   $0.99
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Total Tracks: 17   Total Length: 73:52

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The End


at last some good hop hip is still a round so for me i will always love good sounds you cant beat a sweet music like what these guy rap nice one

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late night tip


do you people realize there never was an unedited version of that song released????

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Late Night Tip


Is a hot song, but it's edited here.... I bought it thinking it was unedited unlike the version I already had... beware if you are looking for the actual lyrics.

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This is one of the most underrated albums of all time. Every song on this album is crunk. This is a must have for any rap fan. If you think you've heard some tight beats and wicked flows, you ain't heard shit till you hear this. Best songs: Gettem Crunk, Where Da Killaz Hang, Where Da Bud, Late Night Tip, Destrucion Terror, Body Parts, Life or Death, Walk Up To Yo House, I Aint Goin....Umm yeah pretty much all of em. Download the whole album you wont regret it.

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Another Great One.


This is for all the true Three 6 Mafia fans (the ones that listened to them before they became big). If you love Three 6, then download this album.

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I would have to say this is 3 6 Mafia lite. Don't get me wrong, I like it; the beats are damm good, but, I would have preferred the actual curse words in "Late Night Tip" instead of the choppy blank edit space....okay I'm done.

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Da End furthers the horrorcore style that Three 6 Mafia had unveiled on their cult favorite Mystic Stylez debut, except here the overall tone is one of outright violence rather than eerie ominousness. Moreover, the sound quality here is much improved, as producers Juicy J and DJ Paul lay down the sort of hard-hitting, bottom-heavy beats that would define not only the remainder of their career but that of the entire Dirty South movement that would soon blossom. Much like the very similar Chapter 2 album that would follow within a year’s time, the balance here between the underground essence of Mystic Stylez, typified by the horrorcore lyrics and haunting ambience, and the accessibility of latter-day Three 6 Mafia, typified by the markedly improved sound quality and more developed song structures, makes Da End an excellent starting point for the uninitiated. Discriminating consumers, however, should note that several of the better songs here would be reprised on the more widely available Chapter 2. – Jason Birchmeier

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