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Wondering Sound

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Anna Bond


Anna Bond has written about music and snacks for Dusted, Readymade, the Snackpot, and elsewhere, and is a founding member of Nacho Jazz Club. She can count on o...more »

Tig Notaro, Live
2012 | Label: Secretly Canadian / SC Distribution

2012 has been Tig Notaro’s year; 2012 has not been Tig Notaro’s year. Stricken by a bout of pneumonia that spiraled into a life-threatening bacterial infection, Notaro suffered the accidental death of her mother and a wrenching breakup before being diagnosed with stage 2 invasive cancer in both breasts – all within four months. But just as these tragedies piled up, so did her successes, as Notaro’s career began to ascend a steep trajectory.

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not a particularly great comedy album.


This album is many things. It's a touching, impressive display of courage and grit. It's an honest peek into the life of a person who was already very likeable and becomes even more so when she lets you into her pain. It's saddening, at times harrowing, and at others sentimental, and is peppered throughout with wry humour. But it's not a great comedy record. For that, you'll need to look elsewhere (including Notaro's "Good One"). You may like this album, and you may even love it. But make sure you know what you're getting before you click download.

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Tig Notaro "Live"


This is an incredible 30 minutes of comedy and it should be heard by everyone. Inexplicably, it costs more here than on iTunes ($4.99). A+ for Tig Notaro. F for eMusic.

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Live with a short I


Groundbreaking - and very funny. Download this NOW!