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Brian Howe


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Something between muscular post-rock and electronic dance
2014 | Label: Ghostly International / The Orchard

Awake has a majestic widescreen whirr that evokes a gleaming machine taking flight. Cool, hopeful, anthemic and surprisingly emotional, the album takes Scott Hansen away from the pastoral ambient music of his previous releases, into something between muscular post-rock — complete with live musicians — and electronic dance, nested with taut builds and breaks. Below the bold and luminous melodies, reshuffling rhythm tracks make fine adjustments to the dynamic temperature. The guitar work sometimes makes… read more »

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Dreamy guitar-oriented ambient downtempo. Beautiful chill-out music. Lush tones and great production. Highly recommended for fans of Thievery Corporation, Krudery & Dorfmeister, Metasonica, even Enigma.

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Beautiful song love it :-)

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I am awake now. Wonderful!

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Found his sound.


A great new direction from Tycho. The decayed analogue BoC-inspired touches are still here, but now they're welded to a more energetic sound. Good atmospheric music, and easy on the ears.

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very nice to listen to but the opening reminds me of the same opening for a Hillsong United song. Is this a Christian group?

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Another amazing album by Scott Hansen but this time accompanied by Zac Brown and Rory O'Connor. I've been a fan for nearly a decade now and am blown away by the shift in Tycho's sound by incorporating more traditional musical forms and instruments. The album and lead song name "Awake" is fitting since this feels like an awakening of sorts for Tycho. I've seen them play live several times and am looking forward to seeing them again April 10th in Chicago. If you haven't downloaded this album yet, do it now...along with anything else from Tycho that you don't yet own. You can thank me later...

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