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Indian Music for Sitar & Surbahar For Meditation & Love

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Indian Music for Sitar & Surbahar For Meditation & Love album cover
Rag Jog
Rag Saraswati
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Total Tracks: 2   Total Length: 46:22

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An eclipse too long


Long overshadowed by more well known sibling, Imrat Khan's talents deserve to shine through. Trained in the more traditional style the music has less pomp and glitter, but purity shows.

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Incomparable Imraat Khan Saab


Nimbus and SEnse world has released few best recordings of this maestro. Emusic should try to get those.

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The superlative Imrat Khan


There may be better introductions to the incomparable Ustad Imrat Khan, but they are hard to locate. One of the greatest avatars of the ImdadKhani gharana, and the undisputed master or the surbahar, or bass sitar. I hope that emusic can get releases more of his masterful, out of print music.

They Say All Music Guide

This is music in the North Indian tradition consisting of the meditative evening rag jog, and the more romantic evening rag saraswat. The former is performed solo on the surbahar, a bass sitar invented by the artist’s grandfather. – John Storm Roberts