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The Ultimate Orson Welles

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The Ultimate Orson Welles album cover
Disc 1 of 2
The War Of The Worlds: The Original October 30, 1938 Broadcast
Artist: Orson Welles / Mercury Theatre Radio Production
Disc 2 of 2
Dracula: The Original July 11, 1938 Broadcast
Artist: Mercury Theatre Radio Production
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Total Tracks: 2   Total Length: 117:49

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Great Show!


The War of the Worlds is a classic. Definitely get this album!

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Misleading Artist folder


Like others whose comments I've seen I thought this download hadn't worked. It didn't appear in an an Orson Welles artist folder but under Various Artists-Cleopatra. I only found it several weeks later when I was tidying up my music collection.

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The War Of The Worlds is downloadable for free at archive.org

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This is a great deal, and is very interesting, but you probably won't listen to it too often.

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Great deal.... Great Voice


One of the greatest voices in the past 1,000 years of show business -- Orson Welles -- reading old-style radio-show interpretations of classic fiction. And eMusic prices it as cheaply as you could ever dream, bringing your total cost to about 50 cents for two hours of entertainment. The only downside? You'll be unlikely to listen to these recordings more than a couple of times (they're good, but radio theatre doesn't make for great background music and we only have so much time in our lives). And only War of the Worlds and Dracula are included in this "ultimate" collection... The original audio-tape version of the "ultimate collection" was actually far more ultimate, and best of all is the new CD collection called "The Orson Welles Library" (not available on eMusic as of this writing) which includes a much wider range of performances from Welles & his Mercury Theatre troupe.