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Austin City Limits Music Festival: 2003 Collection

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Austin City Limits Music Festival: 2003 Collection album cover
Bad Day
Artist: R.E.M.
Diamonds on the Inside
Artist: Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals
Different Light
Artist: Steve Winwood
Artist: Robert Randolph and the Family Band
Artist: Jack Johnson
Melancholy Love
Artist: Abra Moore
Artist: Steve Earle
Spent On Rainy Days
Artist: Bright Eyes
Keep On Keepin' On
Artist: Jack Ingram
Molly's Chambers
Artist: Kings of Leon
Artist: Drive-By Truckers
Freedom of the Road
Artist: Martin Sexton
Smoothie Song
Artist: Nickel Creek
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Total Tracks: 13   Total Length: 61:09

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NO FERGIE complaints on another artist's REVIEW


(what reviews? all I see are 'no fergie?!' reads...haha) C'MON PEOPLE, YOU CAN GET FERGIE ANYWHERE. EVERYWHERE. If you want mass-produced boxed pop, it's everywhere. If eMusic was like other music sites, they wouldn't be eMusic. Have you checked out any BEP side projects? Aware they exist? Appreciate eMusic for what they have that other sites DON'T. Do no dissing. Have you taken this up w/ eMusic Feedback? That's what it's there for. I want reviews on the artist/album I typed in the search bar, not opinions on unrelated artists that aren't here. What does Fergie have to do w/ Austin City Limits anyway? EXPAND YOUR MUSICAL HORIZONS...get music everywhere you can. Relying on one source limits a person's music library, don't u think?

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This album has great reviews


And I mean that. All of them. It's great to hear from some of the true music fans. However I also like to be validated in my opinion that some people are just idiots. It's funny that this comp. in particuar would become a message board of sorts since, it's, in my mind kind of obscure. I guess some poeple heard the name Austin City Limits somewhere and thought it was the cool thing to be in to. But if they are more interested in fergie (who we'll never hear about a year from now) or gwen stephani then they are right this is not the site for them. As for me, and it seems (thankfully) alot of other people, it is. If you really appreaciate music (all forms and styles) browse the site. You will definately find ALOT of good stuff.

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The Austin Collection is fantastic. Every song on every one of their albums are worth dowloading.

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I find it comforting that those looking for "commoditized" music find nothing on eMusic. As you said, it was a free offer. You got that free offer to try and see if this was a site for your you. Obviously it is not - yet with eMusic being the 2d online music store after iTMS, you can assume other do find interesting material here. -The average cost of a song here is 75% cheapet than most online stores. - eMusic offers tons of fillers and rarities you will NOT find elsewhere. And by filler, I mean material for completists, I do not refer to 80% the of song making a standard Evanescence album. -The song rerecorded? For some that's a plus: I collect variations on some of my favorite artists. In fact some covers are arguably better than the originals... Complaining about not finding your top-10 manufactured hit here only makes you look like a whiney kid that did not bother to do his basic research before joining.

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Fergie Lee Lewis


Gimme 30 Seconds To FERGIE!! Either that or some Creedence Clearwater Fergvival.

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Very nice compilation here, right up my alley. However as others have noted, it is a CRIME to have an online music service with NO FERGIE!!!! Usually I have to go to a bar late at night (while we're packing up after a gig) to hear "Fergielicious is..." and get that wonderful urge to jam an icepick through my ear into my brain. I mean c'mon here - record company contracts darned, you GOT to offer us some REAL music - some FERGIE. In the modern era, there's Duke Ellington, Eric Clapton, Igor Stravinsky, Bob Marley, and of course at the top of the list FERGIE!

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Emusic works for me - if it doesn't for you, then go look elsewhere instead of bitching... Plus I'd like to know what music lover doesn't know every artist on this album - unless of course all you watch is MTV.

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where is the real rock


i love singer songwriters. but i have to agree that most of the music i find on this site is older stuff. and i want to know who put Leif Garrett in the Hard Rock catagory. thats my problem with this site. where is Creed,Live,30 seconds to mars, evenescence or any of the rock that was not my gradmothers. (i'm 48) i love creedence as well as the next person but give me a break.

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stupid people


SDBridg is an idiot. I am sick of hearing from people like that on emusic. It amazes me how many of you stupid people are in the world. Has it ever ocurred to you that there might be some art in music? and maybe that most of these artists probably wrote these songs themselves instead of hiring someone to do it for them? Emusic is altogether a great site. And SDBridg,what you think the world is listening to today is "junk", not this

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Martin Sexton Rocks


Thought you should know:)

They Say All Music Guide

Released, not coincidentally, just before 2004′s festival, this 13-track recap of the 2003 show is an adequate, sometimes exhilarating, always interesting overview of the yearly event. With more than 130 acts playing over three days (September 19-21, 2003), this sampler barely scratches the surface. That is especially frustrating because it is 15 minutes short of the possible CD time. But everything here is well played, beautifully recorded, and indicative of the musical breadth of the lineup. Interestingly, only Steve Earle and Jack Ingram are Texas-bred. But the organizers and album compilers mix things up musically, even though all the acts are guitar-based, American (Steve Winwood lives in the U.S. now), and extol a rootsy sensibility. Anyone attracted by a live cut from one of his or her favorites will probably enjoy the rest. The set does an excellent job of introducing worthy and relatively obscure performers such as rockers Kings of Leon, singer/songwriter Abra Moore, Southern flame-keepers Drive-By Truckers, Martin Sexton, and the emo of Bright Eyes. Only Robert Randolph is joined by guests (North Mississippi Allstars’ Luther and Cody Dickinson), and with the amount of cross-pollination at the festival, it’s disappointing not to hear other one-off collaborations. The song choices are unusual, since no artists are represented by their most popular material. Drive-By Truckers opt for the sludgy ballad “Outfit,” Bright Eyes rushes through the little-known “Spent On Rainy Days” like frontman/singer Conor Oberst needs to get to the rest room, and Jack Ingram’s midtempo, simplistic “Keep On Keepin’ On” probably won’t end up on his greatest-hits album. Only Nickel Creek are unplugged for their “Smoothie Song” bluegrass instrumental, which is strange for a lineup so steeped in Americana. Still, this is a sturdy and consistently enjoyable compilation. With its various genres, styles, and talents, it should expose deserving new names to those who enjoy the PBS show that sponsors the event. – Hal Horowitz

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