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City to City Vol. II

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City to City Vol. II album cover
Wonders of Wishing (12inch version)
Artist: Urban Culture
6:11   $0.99
Can't Make Up My Mind (12inch version)
Artist: Jovonn
3:58   $0.99
Just A Feeling (12inch version)
Artist: Instinct
3:27   $0.99
Whispers (12inch version)
Artist: Ron Allen
3:19   $0.99
Let Your Body Talk (12inch version)
Artist: Ace & The Sandman
2:29   $0.99
Mr Fingers (12inch version)
Artist: Distant Planet
5:29   $0.99
Rainforest (12inch version)
Artist: Lowkey
4:16   $0.99
So Let It Be Houze (12inch version)
Artist: Mike Dunn
3:22   $0.99
Fantasy (12inch version)
Artist: Pleasure Zone
3:36   $0.99
New Dimension (12inch version)
Artist: Mike Dearborn
3:05   $0.99
Bring U Up (12inch version)
Artist: Romanthony
6:33   $0.99
The Numbers (Mikes Mix)
Artist: Rodney Bakerr & The Rocking Chicago House mob
4:25   $0.99
Pump That Body (Deep House Mix)
Artist: Mr. Lee (duet with Sheree)
5:10   $0.99
I'm So Deep (12inch version)
Artist: Vincent Floyd featuring Chan
5:52   $0.99
I'll Never Let You Go (12inch version)
Artist: Williams
4:29   $0.99
Essence Of A Dream (12inch version)
Artist: Risque 3
5:12   $0.99
In The City (12inch version)
Artist: Master C & J
7:21   $0.99
Album Information

Total Tracks: 17   Total Length: 78:14

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They Say All Music Guide

This second installment of DJ Deep’s City to City series essentially follows the same premise as its inaugural edition: tracing the roots of house music from its birthplace in Chicago and New York, with a brief stopover in Detroit for a good measure, of old-school techno. Throughout the mix, Deep does an outstanding job of selecting obscure tunes that have their place as cult classics (Mr. Fingers’ “Distant Planet,” “In the City” by Master C & J, and Jovonn’s “Can’t Make Up My Mind”). However, to his credit, he tempers them with familiar club anthems that are considered vital to the music’s evolution. Unlike most mixes that find their way onto the shelves, Deep has concocted a mix that is not only educational, but thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. This is pure house music of the highest pedigree mixed by someone who has no doubt done his homework digging through crate after crate of vinyl. [The 2006 edition includes bonus tracks.] – Rob Theakston

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