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Music of Makran

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Music of Makran album cover
Sheki Saz (Recorded In Karachi)
6:34   $0.99
Gwati Saz (Recorded In Gwadar)
4:28   $0.99
Lilo (Recorded In Pishukan)
3:25   $0.99
Sot / Sheyrwandi / Gwati Saz (Recorded In Pasni)
5:58   $0.99
Zahirok (Recorded In Panjgur)
2:38   $0.99
Zahirok (Recorded In Karachi)
8:07   $0.99
Bagey Saz / Simorgey Saz (Recorded In Gwadar)
5:32   $0.99
Sheki Saz (Recorded In Pasni)
9:18   $0.99
Zahirok / Sot (Recorded In Jiwani)
5:31   $0.99
Gwati / Sot (Recorded In Pishukan)
8:34   $0.99
Shwanagi Saz (Recorded In Gwadar)
3:06   $0.99
Zahirok (Recorded In Pasni)
4:16   $0.99
Nach Saz (Recorded In Jiwani)
3:01   $0.99
Album Information

Total Tracks: 13   Total Length: 70:28

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They Say All Music Guide

The Baloch ethnic group stretches across modern national boundaries. Their traditional homeland, Balochistan, extends throughout Pakistan’s Balochistan province, Iran’s Sistan and Balochistan provinces, and nearby portions of Afghanistan. Balochs also reside in the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa. Baloch music can be roughly divided in terms of three geographical regions: eastern Balochistan, central and northern Balochistan, and the coast of Balochistan. On this release, Music of Makran: Traditional Fusion From Coastal Balochistan, the tracks are drawn from Makran, a dry and hilly tract of coastal Balochistan that stretches between the Persian Gulf and India along the Arabian Sea. The CD’s 13 tracks encompass a diverse mix of sounds. The end-blown donail double flute, vertically played suroz fiddle, long-necked damburag lute, and a host of other instruments transmit trance-inducing sounds and soothing melodies in a variety of musical forms. These include instrumental shepherd paeans, ceremonial recitations, love songs, wedding and circumcision music, and mythological tunes. Liner notes informed by Baloch music expert Dr. Sabir Badalkhan give the CD’s delightful tracks an intellectual context to boot. – John Vallier

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