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King Of The Beach

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King Of The Beach album cover
King Of The Beach
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Super Soaker
2:29   $0.99
2:52   $0.99
When Will You Come
2:35   $0.99
Post Acid
2:11   $0.99
Take On The World
2:41   $0.99
Baseball Cards
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Convertible Balloon
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Green Eyes
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Mickey Mouse
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Linus Spacehead
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Baby Say Goodbye
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Total Tracks: 12   Total Length: 37:00

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Vijith Assar


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Wavves, King Of The Beach
2010 | Label: Fat Possum Records

Nathan Williams's previous album was hailed as energetic, invigorating and, above all, youthful. That may be true, but, sonically, it was a muddled mess. King Of The Beach gives the caked-on grime a much-needed power wash, and the change is remarkable — now the hostility cribbed from Nirvana and Yo La Tengo's textural influences — previously obscured by distortion — ring through clearly.

The signal-to-noise ratio has improved in a metaphorical sense as well —… read more »

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Wish I'd downloaded it sooner


I let the disparaging press around the lead singer put me off downloading this for quite awhile. I'm really glad I finally ignored it all and got this album. It's a great album! Summery, bright, fun, catchy tunes. You can definitely hear influences from The Beach Boys "Pet Sounds", as well as Animal Collective (who are also influenced by The Beach Boys). But Wavves occasionally hits on early Modest Mouse as well. I just really fell for this album and hope Wavves keeps putting out good stuff like this.

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More than just a bratty kid


I read an article about how this guy was a petulant brat who did nothing but piss off people. I don't know if that's still the case, but he's made a damn good catchy record. Don't let his reputation steer you away.

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Grudging Praise


Some hook-laden, energetic songs here. Too bad Nathan Williams is such an arrogant, troubled front man (see recent eMusic "interview"). This band will probably burn itself out and end up forgotten because they think serviceable surf punk actually *does* make them king of the beach.

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Should Be Your Summer 2010 Album


Catchy, dirty, surfy, punky, pop. Perfect album for the summer of 2010. You will not regret the decision one bit.

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I haven't listened to the whole album yet, but "King of the Beach" and "Linus Spacehead" are both awesome, catchy tracks.

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Borderline Greatness


Comparisons to Green Day and Nirvana may be premature, but this is a well written album with a good sound. Still have issues with the production quality of many indie records, but this quality fits the garage rock/punk sound they produce. It is joyous, cocky, and full of testosterone.

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Muffled Awesomeness


This album is full of reverb and is extremely muddy as a result. But Wavves brings forth a collection of great, upbeat songs, surely to set the tone for the summer. Recommended for fans of Best Coast, Ariel Pink and The Soft Pack.

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Not on my must list for the year. It all seems ok, and then doesn't stay with me when it's done.

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unlike others...


I think this is a much better record than Wavvves on just about ever level, esp. the one I care about most, the songs themselves.

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If you've been following Wavves over the course of the last few years, you know that frontman Nathan Williams is famous for unpredictable behavior: Last year he had a meltdown at a Barcelona music festival where, under the combined influence of Ecstasy, Valium and Xanax, he fought with his drummer and insulted a crowd that then pelted him with bottles. Soon after, Williams apologized, and admitted a drinking problem — a confession promptly removed from… more »