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Raining On The Moon

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Raining On The Moon album cover
Hunk Pappa Blues
Song Of Hope
Old Tears
Raining On The Moon
Music Song
The Watermelon Song
James Baldwin To The Rescue
Donso Ngoni
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Total Tracks: 8   Total Length: 48:41

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Can we muzzle the singer?


Trite lyrics, the usual over emoting jazz vocals ruin this one. Usually anything Parker does, especially with Drake as drummer, is just great, but no one can overcome this distracting caterwauling. Avoid all but track 1.

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Poetic Jazz


The poetry which underlays much of the music here is wonderful. Conquest's vocals are the perfect match. I usually don't wrap my head around jazz vocals, trite, easy listening garbage; however here we have words that have been given meaning. Raining on the Moon inverts the world into a what may have been, while James Baldwin to the Rescue perfectly captures the tone of a Baldwin story such as "Sonny's Blues".

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Incredible Record


This is an incredible album, and I love the singer. Its jazz, and avante guard. I'm a drummer and the drumming is fun. I hope to find more jazz like this someday!

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Not for me...


As much as I love Parker (especially with Hamid Drake) the vocalist on this album really turns me off. I'm no fan of traditional jazz vocals in general, but the tracks with Leena Conquest strike me as very corny, with cheesy lyrics and unimaginative melodies. The music underneath is pretty interesting, but it's hard for me to get past it. The instrumental tracks (1 and 3, I think) are much better. So are Parker's other albums.

They Say All Music Guide

William Parker continues to go beyond the status quo on Raining on the Moon, his second offering in labelmate Matthew Shipp’s Blue Series. Known mostly to a coterie of specialists in a niche field of avant-garde bass players, Parker’s discography represents his enormous value to the new avant-garde movement of the 21st century. His works of progression get better with each offering, and this time around Parker departs from his previous solo albums and collaborations to team with vocalist Leena Conquest. As lead singer on six songs, Conquest reflects the avant-garde black folk art that Parker emanates from a bassist’s perspective. She applies her splendid vocal colorings to his spirituality and musical visions and freely melds with the ensemble’s riveting stretches. Along with Rob Brown on alto and flute, Lewis Barnes playing a very cool trumpet on “Old Tears,” and Hamid Drake on drums, Parker’s basslines exchange and transform the compositions into textured applications of free jazz, loaded with unfamiliar improvisations and shifting between crisp and blunt and through blues, bop, and free. Raining on the Moon further reveals Parker’s aurally taut and riveting art in beguiling chromatic abstractions whose radical simplicity articulated the fundamentals of avant-garde bass playing back in 1972, when he became the bass player of choice among such free jazz icons as Ed Blackwell, Don Cherry, Sunny Murray, and Milford Graves and later with the amazing pianist Cecil Taylor. With this recording, Parker continues to offer appealing new perspectives on the free style of jazz and exceeds the harmonic ingenuity of his Blue Series debut, Painter’s Spring. – Paula Edelstein

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