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Steeple album cover
Silbury Sands
Tiny Circle
Painted Cross
Morning Born
One By One From Dorney Reach
Castle Keep
Banks of Sweet Dundee Pt. 1
Banks of Sweet Dundee Pt. 2
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Total Tracks: 9   Total Length: 43:08

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Exceptional album that i downloaded a few years ago now, but one that i come back to again and again. If your tastes spread from Cream to Fairport Convention this is a must have, you wont be dissapointed , looking forward to hearing the new offering this year and hoping that e-music will make it available. Ian Harris

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This is exactly what you weren't looking for... Heavy rock without going the Blue Cheer/Sabbath route, instead opting for influences such as Jethro Tull, Cream, Humble Pie or maybe Atomic Rooster, with a dash of - strictly English - folk-rock like Traffic et al... Flutes and acoustic picking, with a pastoral folk sensibility, weave seamlessly with big, bruising riffery, but it somehow sounds like an album your dad bought in the early 70's that was way ahead of its time, and now you've discovered it, and it's your secret! Get it now and gloat when they're huge!

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Nice Update of a Familiar Sound


Doing for early '70s Jethro Tull/Blind Faith folk-rock what Black Mountain did for mid '70s Led Zep/Black Sabbath sounding rock, Wolf People take the album-oriented psychedelic-folk-rock sound and gives it some body work, while leaving the chasis and engine stock. Good stuff if you can handle some reverberated flute and like pastoral English rock-jams.

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Good, Solid Album - Great Debut!


Steeple by Wolf People is a solid album (and a great debut!) that sounds like it's straight from the late 60s/early 70s. If you like psychedelic rock, prog rock and folk rock sounds, then you'll most likely enjoy this album. My particular favourites were Silbury Sands (Track 1) and Morning Born (Track 4), whilst Banks of Sweet Dundee Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 (Tracks 8 & 9) were both good as well. As mentioned though, the whole album is in fact very good, especially considering it was only released in 2010 but has a great sound from times past. Here's looking forward to more great albums from Wolf People!

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Great stuff!


Great retro vibe from these guys! A bit like Arbouretum. Files are LAME 3.98 VBR V0 (highest quality), BTW.

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Low quality file


Emusic, this is an incredible album, but the mp3s don't sound quite up to par. Any chance you could re-rip this?

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Retro Revisionism


This is a powerful record that wears its many influences on its paisley sleeve -- most of them from the '60s and all of them English. What keeps this record from slipping into mere mimicry is the way the group cherrypicks the choicest attributes from the bands they love and re-packages them as a perfect, crystalline example of their ideal sound. Of course, comparisons tend to marginalize the music created here, but they sound like they've listened to a lot of Traffic. They also bring the heaviness of Cream's best work and, therefore, I am tempted to suggest that this sounds like what Blind Faith could have been: A lumbering, yet intricate beast that sounds just as comfortable plucking folk melodies as growling out monster riffs, while flutes and other flourishes float in and out over the top. Beyond the style, there is serious substance: this is just a solid set of songs. Look out for Wolf People, once this band gets going, they may be unstoppable.

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Wolf People show their reverence for classic British psych-rock on their full-length debut, Steeple., Rovi – Gregory Heaney