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Strange Land

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Strange Land album cover
Elephant King
3:32   $0.99
4:51   $0.99
Marathon Runner
3:52   $0.99
I Got No Time For You
5:21   $0.99
Stay At Home
3:00   $0.99
I Want Yr Love
4:55   $0.99
The Shakedown
3:54   $0.99
Wear Suits
4:48   $0.99
Up In The Mountains
3:55   $0.99
When All Is Dead
4:52   $0.99
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 43:00

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Mikael Wood


Mikael Wood lives in Los Angeles and writes about music and culture for publications including SPIN, the Village Voice and the Los Angeles Times. If he intervie...more »

Yellow Ostrich, Strange Land
2013 | Label: Barsuk Records

Yellow Ostrich mastermind Alex Schaaf has said that the title of his new album refers to his move in 2010 from Wisconsin to New York City. Yet after making last year’s The Mistress under humble bedroom-recording conditions, Schaaf upgraded to a professional studio for Strange Land, and it’s that unknown habitat he seems most intent on exploring here. Opener “Elephant King” shows his hand straightaway, riding in on a sparkling guitar figure that slowly accumulates… read more »

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