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XXXX album cover
There Is XXXX (Within My Heart)
4:39   $0.99
2:14   $0.99
Dark Days
4:47   $0.99
Cosmic Wanship Avengers
3:32   $0.99
Lonely's Lunch
4:44   $0.99
4:00   $0.99
Laura Palmer's Prom
4:44   $0.99
She's Spoken For
3:49   $0.99
3:25   $0.99
Heart Of Gold
4:07   $0.99
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Total Tracks: 10   Total Length: 40:01

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CSS + Yeah Yeah Yeahs = XXXX


Pure, energized dance-pop laced with organs, impossible-to-ignore choruses, and an underlying dark tone make You Say Party! We Say Die!'s 2010 offering one of my favorite records in the past several years. "Dark Days" mesmerizes, "Lonely's Lunch" pleads, "Heart of Gold" seduces and "Laura Palmer's Prom" yearns. Becky Ninkovic's lead vocals alternately haunt, excite and tantalize, perfectly matched with the backing of Krista Loewen. I like my pop music floating over dark beats and moody guitars and synths. This is about as perfect a concoction I could ask for.

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Freaken Awesome


Was a big fan of the first album, wasn't sure on this one after reading the review, but this is an excellent album. My favourite by YSPWSD to date. A truly great and underrated band. My condolences to them on their tragic loss.

They Say All Music Guide

You Say Party! We Say Die!’s third album, 2010’s XXXX, refines and slicks up their nervy, exuberant new wave pop sound, adding some darker emotions and a more introspective lyrical approach. Fans of the rambunctiousness their first two records dealt out may be a bit disappointed at first by the more professional sound, the smoother production, and the general tightening up, but they can’t deny that the band has written a very strong batch of songs, maybe some of their best. Besides, people grow and change, why shouldn’t bands have the same opportunity? The trick is to grow without jettisoning the things that made you worth listening to in the first place. You Say has done that on XXXX,, keeping the basic new wave-influenced sound of their first two records, but adding a new layer of emotion and drama that makes the group sound less like the good-time B-52′s and more like X with a synthesizer, or Siouxsie & the Banshees with less black eyeshadow; in other words: fewer good-time dance tracks, more minor-key laments. If you can get on board with that, XXXX holds many charms. The lead vocals of Becky Ninkovic have grown richer and more powerful, it’s obvious right away on the first track, “There is XXXX (Within My Heart)” that her approach is going to be less shouty and more expressive. They blend with Krista Loewen’s backing (and co-lead) vocals perfectly all through the album, especially on the songs like “Dark Days” or the beautiful “Laura Palmer’s Prom” that rely on the vocal harmonies to deliver the emotional punch. While songs like the bubbling “Glory” show the band can still convincingly rock out, the songs that have more dynamics and a darker heart (like “Dark Days” or the wonderfully melancholy ballad “Heart of Gold”) are the ones that stick. Though they may lose a few fans with their new sound, You Say Party! We Say Die! do a fine job of growing into a truly interesting band on XXXX. – Tim Sendra

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