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Caught Wheel

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Caught Wheel album cover
Caught Wheel
Won't You Be Kind?
Folks Back Home
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Total Tracks: 3   Total Length: 9:24

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I like it


All the tracks are great, but 'Folks Back Home' is my favorite off this album.

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Pop - so yummy to eat itself


I guess that means Caught Wheel has nothing really new to add but still, a satisfying show of winning moves: falsetto chorus, chimey guitars, funny stories. Finding bands like this is what makes emusic so fun.

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Reasons for Loving eMusic no. 78547


Sometimes I wonder what is the point of carrying on with a download service that charges a monthly fee? Then out of the blue, well usually a few times a month, the reason slaps me in the face like a wet herring on a north atlantic trawler. I first heard 'Caught Wheel' about 3 months ago on 6Music and loved it. I loved the chorus, the guitar hook, the harmonies, it was brezzy, funky and fabulous. A bit like gargling in the mid sixties west coast pacific and rinsing with mid 90s indie-pop. But could I find it anywhere at the time? No sirree bob! Not to be found anywhere unless I made a 300 mile round trip to some obscure record shop in the big smoke. So THANK YOU eMusic you for going that extra mile to dig out those little gems that fall between the cracks in the freeway of the music industry and bringing them out into the light to shine so brightly. Keep up the good fight.