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Suzanne Doucet

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  • Years Active: 1980s, 1990s, 2000s


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Suzanne Doucet is a singer and new age music composer from West Germany who moved to the United States in 1983. By the age of 18, the multi-talented Doucet was an established pop star in Germany. She signed with Liberty Records in 1968 and recorded with Les Reed (Tom Jones' producer) in England. She released her first single in the U.S., the Bee Gees' "Swan Song," and recorded Suzanne Doucet International with songs in seven different languages. Her earliest songwriting ventures centered on lyrics dealing with life, love, and other deep issues, but break through to "message" songs; she initially recorded pop tunes, several of which topped charts in Europe. Her self-produced, visionary first album was called Red as a Ruby, and still receives airplay in Europe.

Doucet had already traveled through Europe, the Far East, and the U.S. by the age of 25, when she took a one-year sabbatical from the music business to go on a spiritual odyssey. For the next ten years, she developed her own style of new age music while exploring many areas of metaphysics. "This was my going within period," says Doucet. "My father is a psychologist who studied with Carl Gustav Jung, and this led to my researching the metaphysics of music, specifically the Pythagorean school of harmonics."

Doucet also made her mark as a composer, actress, and television host; she was seen regularly on stations in Germany and Switzerland. She also learned dubbing, directing, scriptwriting, engineering, editing, producing, and marketing. Doucet headed the A&R department for a small record label in Munich and produced over 30 records with German and French artists. As a songwriter, she wrote many songs for herself and other well-known European singers. In 1975, she recorded Essig & Oel, the first new age song album in Europe.

In 1979, Doucet formed her own Isis Music record label in 1979 and released her second new age song album, Reisefieber. This revolutionary label released three albums of Doucet's own music, guided meditation albums, and works by Christian Buehner, Karl Schaffner, Lothar Grimm, and Al Gromer Khan.

In 1983, Doucet realized her lifelong dream of moving to California. With new husband James Bell, they began a grass-roots campaign of distributing Isis Music via the alternative-holistic network. In 1987, Doucet, Bell, and her two children moved to Hollywood where she opened Only New Age Music, the world's first specialized new age music retail outlet. During 1987-88, Doucet established Beyond, her U.S. record label. Doucet has contributed music to the award-winning visual music videotape Star Flight and to Shirley MacLaine's Inner Workout and Going Within video and audio tapes.

Through Doucet's non-profit International New Age Music Network and Only New Age Music, Doucet has kept a high profile as a new age music marketing consultant. In 1997, she released 21 CDs with nature sounds recorded by Chuck Plaisance. Doucet is being drawn back to her state-of-the-art studio to combine those nature sounds with music. "I am shifting again," she says. "The next few years will be devoted to my own music productions."


Doucet (born 27 August 1944, Tübingen, Germany) is an award winning German composer and producer. She has been living and working in the USA since 1983.


She went to school in Meersburg am Bodensee, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Hamburg, Munich (college) and Paris(University). Her mother and her grandmother both named Helen von Muenchhofen were actresses. Her grandmother played in the history making silent movie Metropolis directed by Fritz Lang. Suzanne's father Dr. Friedrich-Wilhelm Doucet was a disciple of the famous psychologist Carl Gustav Jung and became a well-known author of over 40 books on parapsychology and other topics in Germany.

Before Suzanne started her career in the entertainment industry she worked as a designer and painter in Ascona (Switzerland). She moved to Munich in 1962 and studied at the Sorbonne in Paris in 1963. She played the leading part in a theater comedy "Die Türen knallen" in Stuttgart in 1963 and was discovered by the record company Metronome. She had her first TV appearance in Hamburg in 1963 on NDR. Her first Hit record was the German version of "Be my Baby" (The Ronnettes) (Sei mein Baby) in 1964 und "Das geht doch keinen etwas an". Nine albums and 37 singles followed including a Cashbox "Best Bets" (Swansong) written by the Bee Gees on the US label Liberty Records. Suzanne Doucet's over 40 years in the entertainment industry have provided her with incomparable knowledge, experience and contacts. Beyond being co-founder and CEO of Only New Age Music, Inc., and newagemusic.com, Suzanne is an international recording and performing artist whose background encompasses being a prime time TV "Pop Show" hostess (guests included the BeeGees, Grateful Dead, Keith Emerson, David Bowie), a songwriter & composer, script writer, sound designer, producer, A&R record label executive,(Prom) music publisher,(Golden Key Musik Verlag) label owner & manager, marketing consultant, and retailer.

Suzanne starred in the musical Godspell with Donna Summer in 1972 in Munich, Zurich and Vienna directed by Samy Molcho. She played in many TV plays and TV musicals with actors such as Thomas Fritsch, Hans Clarin, Marianne Hoppe, Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Ulli Lommel. She wrote songs for Udo Juergens, Wencke Myrre, Mirreille Matthieu, Margot Werner, Christian Bruhn (GEMA) and Abi Ofarim. She composed music for the TV play "Alle hatten sich abgewandt" and "Lieber Erwin", directed by award winning director Thomas Fantl.

She was married to actor Raphael Wilczek and they had a daughter (Natascha Wilzcek) in 1976. Suzanne moved to Los Angeles in 1983 after her divorce from Raphael. Together with her new American husband James Bell, Suzanne owned and operated the world-famous specialized audio gallery "Only New Age Music" in West Hollywood. She owns and operates now newagemusic.com - the #1 online source for new-age music and represents digital rights (streaming, downloads and webcasting) to major internet players as well as the portal site NewAgeUniverse.com with Beth Hilton from the B company. Her latest recording credits include "Resonance" with Gary Miraz as well as the audio series "Sounds of Nature" and "Tranquility" combining the state-of-the-art binaural recordings of Chuck Plaisance with her music.

Doucet also recorded with Christian Buehner and Tajalli. Seven of their titles made it into the top ten environmental charts at Amazon.com, including "Ocean Waves" and "Thunderstorm" being #1 and #2 for over two years. Shirley MacLaine used Suzanne's music on her best-selling video and audiocassette titled "Inner Workout" and "Going Within". Suzanne also produced and directed the award winning video "Starflight" together with well-known video and documentary producer Chris Toussaint. Suzanne has been a creative consultant to hundreds of artists, producers, record labels, radio programmers, distributors and music retailers. Her clients include such as Golana, Constance Demby, Ray, Liquid Mind, David & Steve Gordon, Armen Chakmakian (Shadowfax), Michael Hoppé, Christopher Franke and many others. Her production with Ray (Ray Leonard) "Celestial Touch won "Best Meditation" and "Best Electronic Music album".

Doucet founded the International New Age Music Network in 1987. She produced and directed three International Conferences and the first New Age/World Music Festival at the Wiltern Theater (featuring artists such as Paul Horn, Steven Halpern, Tim Wheater, Jai Uttal a.o.).

MacMillan guide to new-age music compares her to Kitaro, Andreas Vollenweider, Vangelis, Georg Deuter, Klaus Schulze, Paul Horn, Brian Eno and Paul Winter.

Life magazine began their report on new-age music with a quote from Suzanne, while specialized Keyboard Magazine acknowledged Suzanne for having "the most authoritative view on new-age music", and the LA Times devoted a full page article to Suzanne in their Sunday Calendar section. Magazines and TV production companies have interviewed her for their publications in Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Greece, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea.

Suzanne was part of the Presidential/Key Executive MBA Program at Pepperdine University, where she studied business administration from 1989 to 1992. In Munich, Suzanne studied Psychology, at the Institute for Esoteric Psychology founded by Thorwald Dethlefsen, as well as Composition at the Munich State Conservatory.

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