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John Smith

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John Smith may refer to:

John Smith, a common placeholder name


John Smith (professor), mathematician at the University of Oxford, 1766–97John Blair Smith (1764–1799), president of Union College, New YorkJohn Smith (lexicographer) (died 1809), professor of languages at Dartmouth CollegeJohn Smith (astronomer) (1711–1795), Lowndean Professor of Astronomy and Master of CaiusJohn Augustine Smith (1782–1865), president of the College of William and Mary, 1814–1826John Smith (botanist) (1798–1888), curator of Kew GardensJ. Lawrence Smith (1818–1883), American doctor and chemistJohn Smith (dentist) (1825–1910), founder of Edinburgh's School of DentistryJohn Campbell Smith (1828–1914), Scottish writer, advocate and Sheriff-Substitute of ForfarshireJohn Donnell Smith (1829–1928), biologist and taxonomistJohn McGarvie Smith (1844–1918), Australian metallurgist and bacteriologistJohn Alexander Smith (1863–1939), British Idealist philosopherJohn Maynard Smith (1920–2004), geneticistJohn Cyril Smith (1922–2003), leading authority on English criminal lawJohn Derek Smith (1924–2003), Cambridge molecular biologistJohn D. Smith (born 1946), indologist at the University of CambridgeJohn H. Smith (mathematician), Boston College educator (retired 2005)


John Smith (engraver born 1652) (1652–1742), English mezzotint engraverJohn Smith (English poet) (1662–1717), English poet and playwrightJohn Christopher Smith (1712–1795), English composerJohn Warwick Smith (1749–1831), British watercolour landscape painter and illustratorJohn Stafford Smith (1750–1836), composer of the tune for "The Star-Spangled Banner"John Raphael Smith (1752–1812), English mezzotint engraver and painterJohn Thomas Smith (engraver) (1766–1833), draughtsman, engraver and antiquarianJohn Smith (clockmaker) (1770–1816), Scottish clockmakerJohn Rubens Smith (1775–1849), London-born painter, printmaker and art instructor who worked in the United StatesJohn Smith (architect) (1781–1852), Scottish architectJohn Orrin Smith (1799–1843), English wood engraverJohn Frederick Smith (1806–1890), English novelistJohn Moyr Smith (1839–1912), British artist and designerJohn Berryman (1914–1972), originally John Allyn Smith, American poetJohn Smith (Canadian poet) (born 1927), Canadian poetJohn Smith (actor) (1931–1995), American actorJohn N. Smith (born 1943), Canadian film director and screenwriterJohn Smith (English filmmaker) (born 1952), avant-garde filmmakerJohn F. Smith American soap opera writerJohn Smith (comics) (born 1967), British comics writerJohn Gibson Smith, Scottish poetJohn Smith (musician), English contemporary folk musician and recording artistJohn Smith (art historian) (1781-1855), British art dealer


John Smith (banneret) (1616–1644), Englishman who supported the Royalist cause in the English Civil WarJohn Smith (Royal Artillery officer) (1754–1837), soldier in the American Revolutionary WarJohn Mark Frederick Smith (1790–1874), British general and colonel-commandant of the Royal EngineersJohn Smith (sergeant) (1814–1864), soldier in the Bengal Sappers and Miners, and Indian Mutiny Victoria Cross recipientJohn E. Smith (1816–1897), Swiss emigrant, Union general during the Civil WarJohn Smith (private) (1822–1866), soldier in the 1st Madras (European) Fusillers and Indian Mutiny Victoria Cross recipientJohn Smith (Medal of Honor, b. 1826), American Civil War sailor and Medal of Honor recipientJohn Smith (Medal of Honor, b. 1831), American Civil War sailor and Medal of Honor recipientJohn Smith (Medal of Honor, b. 1854), United States Navy sailor and Medal of Honor recipientJohn Manners Smith (1864–1920), recipient of the Victoria CrossJohn Lucian Smith (1914–1972), United States Marine Corps flying ace and Medal of Honor recipient


Politicians1.1 Canada1.2 Great Britain1.3 United States1.4 Other countries


John David Smith (1786–1849), businessman and political figure in Upper CanadaJohn Smith (Cree Chief), 1800s Cree Chief and Treaty Six signatory; founder of the Muskoday First Nation in SaskatchewanJohn Shuter Smith (c. 1813–1871), lawyer and political figure in Canada WestJohn Smith (Kent MPP), member of the 1st Ontario Legislative Assembly, 1867–1871John Smith (Manitoba politician) (1817–1889), English-born farmer and politician in ManitobaJohn Smith (Peel MPP) (1831–1909), Scottish-born Ontario businessman and political figureJohn Smith (Ontario MP) (1894–1977), member of Canadian House of Commons, Lincoln electoral districtJohn James Smith (1912–1987), member of Canadian House of Commons, Moose Mountain, Saskatchewan electoral districtJohn Roxborough Smith, Canadian politician in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario
Great Britain[edit]
John Smith (MP for Coventry), Member of Parliament (MP) for Coventry in the 1491 Parliament.John Smith (Newcastle-under-Lyme MP) (by 1489–1561), MP for Newcastle-under-LymeJohn Smith (High Sheriff of Kent) (1557–1608), MP for Aylesbury and HytheJohn Smith (antiquarian born 1567) (1567–1640), English genealogical antiquary and politician who sat in the House of Commons, 1621–1622John Smith (Cavalier born 1608) (1608–57), English politician who sat in the House of Commons, 1640–1644John Smith (Chancellor of the Exchequer) (1655/56–1723), English Chancellor of the Exchequer and Speaker of the House of Commons, 1705–1708John Smith (judge) (died 1726) Justice of Common Pleas in Ireland until 1702, then Baron of the ExchequerJohn Smith (Deputy Governor of Anguilla) (died 1776), Deputy Governor of AnguillaJohn Smith (Wendover MP) (1767–1842), member of Parliament for WendoverJohn Spencer Smith (1769–1845), British diplomat, politician and writerJohn Benjamin Smith (1796–1879), British Liberal MP for Stirling Burghs 1847–1852 and Stockport 1852–1874John Abel Smith (1802–71), British Member of Parliament for Chichester and MidhurstJohn Smith (Conservative politician) (1923–2007), former Member of Parliament (MP) for the Cities of London and WestminsterJohn Smith, Baron Kirkhill (born 1930), life peer in the House of LordsJohn Smith (Labour Party leader) (1938–1994), leader of the British Labour PartyJohn Smith (Welsh politician) (born 1951), Welsh politician and Labour Party member of Parliament
United States[edit]
J. Gregory Smith (1818–1891), 28th Governor of VermontJ. H. Smith (Mayor of Everett) (1858–1956), mayor of Everett, Washington and co-founder of Anchorage, AlaskaJ. Hyatt Smith (1824–1886), United States representative from New York's 3rd Congressional DistrictJ. Joseph Smith (1904–1980), United States representative from Connecticut and Federal judgeJohn Smith (explorer) (1580–1631), helped found the Virginia Colony and became Colonial Governor of VirginiaJohn Smith (President of Rhode Island) (died 1663), colonial president (governor) of Rhode IslandJohn Smith (New York politician born 1752) (1752–1816), United States senator from New YorkJohn Smith (Ohio Senator) (c. 1735–1824), United States senator from OhioJohn Smith (Vermont) (1789–1858), United States representative from Vermont's 4th Congressional DistrictJohn Smith (Virginia burgess) (1620–63), Virginia colonial politicianJohn Smith (Virginia representative) (1750–1836), United States representative from Virginia's 3rd Congressional DistrictJohn Smith (Washington politician), American politician of the Republican PartyJohn Ambler Smith (1847–1892), United States representative from VirginiaJohn Armstrong Smith (1814–1892), United States representative from OhioJohn Arthur Smith (born 1942), Democratic member of the New Mexico SenateJohn B. Smith (Wisconsin) (died 1879), Wisconsin politicianJohn Butler Smith (1838–1914), 52nd Governor of New HampshireJohn C. Smith (politician) (1832–1910), Lieutenant Governor of IllinoisJohn Cotton Smith (1765–1845), eighth Governor of ConnecticutJohn E. Smith (New York) (1843–1907), New York politicianJohn Hugh Smith (1819–1870), three-time Mayor of Nashville, Tennessee between 1845 and 1865John Lee Smith (1894–1963), Lieutenant Governor of TexasJohn Lyman Smith (fl. 1852–1853), member of the 2nd Utah Territorial LegislatureJohn R. Smith (agriculture commissioner) (fl. 1898–1899), North Carolina politicianJohn M. Smith (1872–1947), American businessman and politicianJohn M. C. Smith (1853–1923), United States representative from Michigan's 3rd Congressional DistrictJohn Montgomery Smith (1834–1903), Wisconsin politicianJohn Quincy Smith (1824–1901), United States representative from Ohio's 3rd Congressional DistrictJohn R. Smith (politician, born 1945), Louisiana state senatorJohn Robert Smith, mayor of Meridian, MississippiJohn Speed Smith (1792–1854), United States representative from KentuckyJohn T. Smith (congressman), United States representative from Pennsylvania's 3rd Congressional District, 1843–1845John Walter Smith (1845–1925), 44th Governor of MarylandJohn William Smith (1792–1845), Texas political figure and mayor of San Antonio, TexasJohn Y. T. Smith (1831–1903), three time member of Arizona Territorial Legislature
Other countries[edit]
John Smith (Victoria politician) (John Thomas Smith, 1816–1879), Australian politicianJohn Hope Smith (c. 1787–1831), Governor of colonial Ghana, 1817–22John Smith (New South Wales politician) (1821–1885), Scottish/Australian professor and politicianJ. Valentine Smith (1824–1895), New Zealand politician with the full name John Valentine Smith


John Smith (bishop, died 1479) (died 1479), bishop of Llandaff, 1476–1479John Smith (Platonist) (1618–1652), one of the founders of the Cambridge PlatonistsJohn Smith (Unitarian) (fl. 1648–1727), Unitarian writerJohn Smith (priest, born 1659) (1659–1715), English editor of BedeJohn Smith (uncle of Joseph Smith) (1781–1854), Presiding Patriarch and member of the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsJohn Smith (clergyman) (1784–1868), early Restoration Movement leaderJohn Smith (missionary) (1790–1824), English missionary in DemeraraJohn Smith (Revivalist) (1794–1831), English Methodist minister known as "The Revivalist"John Smith (nephew of Joseph Smith) (1832–1911), Presiding Patriarch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsJohn Henry Smith (1848–1911), apostle in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsJohn Taylor Smith (1860–1938), Anglican Bishop of Sierra LeoneJohn Smith (Archdeacon of Wiltshire) (1933–2000), Anglican priestJohn Mortimer Smith (born 1935), American bishop of the Roman Catholic ChurchJohn Smith (God's Squad), Australian founder of the God's Squad motorcycle club


Sports1.1 Cricket1.2 Football (soccer)1.3 Baseball1.4 Rugby1.5 American football1.6 Other sports


John Smith (1845 Yorkshire cricketer), English cricketerJohn Smith (cricketer, born 1833) (1833–1909), Lancashire and Yorkshire cricketerJohn Smith (cricketer, born 1834) (1834–?), Nottinghamshire and All-England Eleven cricketerJohn Smith (cricketer, born 1835) (1835–89), English cricketerJohn Smith (Derbyshire cricketer) (1841–98), English cricketerJohn Smith (cricketer, born 1843) (1843–73), English cricketerJohn Smith (cricketer, born 1882) (1882–59), English cricketerJohn Smith (cricketer, born 1924) (1924–91), English cricketerJohn Smith (New Zealand cricketer) (born 1960), New Zealand cricketer also known as Campbell Smith
Football (soccer)[edit]
John Smith (footballer, born 1855) (1855–1937), Scottish footballer of the 1870s and 1880sJohn Smith (footballer, born 1865) (1865–1911), Scottish footballer who played as a strikerJohn Smith (footballer, born 1898), Scottish footballer (Ayr United, Middlesbrough, Scotland)John Smith (footballer, born 1921), English footballerJohn Smith (footballer, born 1927), English footballer (Liverpool)John Smith (footballer, born 1939) (1939–1988), West HamJohn Smith (footballer, born 1970), football full back (Tranmere Rovers)John Smith (1930s footballer), footballer of the 1930s for (Gillingham)John Smith (businessman) (1920–1995), chairman of Liverpool (1973–90)John Smith (inside-left), English footballer 1932–33John Smith (soccer), retired English football strikerTed Smith (footballer, born 1914), English football player and manager (birth name John Edward Smith)
John Smith (AL first baseman) (1906–1982), first baseman in 1931John Smith (NL first baseman) (1858–1899), first baseman in 1882John Smith (shortstop), shortstop, 1873–75
John Smith (rugby league), New Zealand internationalJohn Sidney Smith (rugby union) (1860–?), Wales rugby union internationalJohnny Smith (rugby union) (1922–1974), New Zealand rugby player, baker, soldier, and sportsman
American football[edit]
John "Clipper" Smith (1904–1973), American football player and coachJohn L. Smith (born 1948), American college football coachJohn Smith (American football) (born 1949), former New England Patriots kickerJ. T. Smith (American football) (John Thomas Smith, born 1955), former professional American football playerJohn Smith (running back), former American football running back
Other sports[edit]
John Smith (athlete) (born 1950), former American sprint athlete and now coachJohn Smith (Australian footballer) (born 1933), footballer for St KildaJohn Smith (basketball) (born 1944), former American professional basketball playerJohn Smith (Canadian rower) (1899–?), Canadian rower at the 1924 OlympicsJohn Smith (South African rower) (born 1990), South African rower at the 2012 OlympicsJohn Smith (wrestler) (born 1965), American wrestler, two-time Olympic gold medalistJ.T. Smith (wrestler), American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name J.T. Smith


John Smith (housebreaker) (1661–after 1727), burglar who evaded hanging thrice and was eventually transported to VirginiaJohn Smith (murderer) (born 1951), convicted murderer who killed his first and second wivesJohn Eldon Smith (1930–1983), convicted of the murders of Ronald and Juanita Akins


John Smith (brewer) (1824–1879), Tadcaster brewery founder in North Yorkshire, UKJohn F. Smith, Jr. (born 1938), former chairman and chief executive officer, General MotorsJohn J. Smith (1820–1906), African American abolitionist, Underground Railroad contributor and politicianJohn Smith (BBC executive) (born 1957), chief executive officer, BBC Worldwide Ltd


John Smith (explorer) (1580–1631), one of the founders of the Virginia ColonyJohn Smith (Chippewa Indian) (died 1922), reputed to have died at the age of 137John Smith (died 1835), one of the last two Englishmen that were hanged for sodomy in 1835Sir John Smith (police officer) (born 1938), British police officer, Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, 1991–1995Sir John Smith, 1st Baronet (1744–1807), baronetJohn Brown Smith (1837–?), American author, shorthand developer, utopianist, tax resisterJohn Chaloner Smith (1827–1895), Irish civil engineer and writer on mezzotintsJohn Douglas Smith (born 1966), sound editorJohn Baptist Smith (1843–1923), invented and helped build a lantern system of naval signalingJohn K. Smith (died 1845), founder of SmithKline as in GlaxoSmithKline, the leading pharmaceutical businessJohn Kilby Smith (1752–1842), public servant from New EnglandJohn Sidney Smith (1804–1871), legal writerJohn Gordon Smith (1792–1833), Scottish surgeon and professor of medical jurisprudenceJohn Kelday Smith (1834–1889), Scottish bellhanger and songwriterJohn Pye-Smith (1774–1851), Congregational theologian and tutor


Ranger Smith (John Francis Smith), a park ranger in Yogi Bear cartoonsJ. Wesley Smith (1899–1965), a character in cartoons of Burr ShaferJohn Smith (Kyon), Kyon's alias in the novels and animations of the Haruhi Suzumiya seriesJohn "Hannibal" Smith, a character in The A-TeamJohn Smith, the human identity of Red Tornado, a fictional superhero appearing in DC ComicsJohn Smith, also known as "Number Four", the main protagonist of the young adult novel, I Am Number FourJohn Smith, the main protagonist played by Bruce Willis in the film Last Man StandingJohn Smith, a protagonist played by Brad Pitt in Mr. & Mrs. SmithJohn Smith (Doctor Who), an alias of the Doctor in Doctor Who mediaJohn Smith (Jericho), a character in the TV series JerichoAgent Smith, also known as John Smith, the main villain in The Matrix franchise


John Smith (film), a lost 1922 silent film comedy-drama
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