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Tanya Morgan

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Though the name Tanya Morgan sounds as if it belongs to a solo female performer, it is in fact an all-male hip-hop group. The band started in 2003 when producer/MC Von Pea (who lived in Brooklyn) and MC Donwil (who lived in Cincinnati) met online and decided to make an album together. Bringing in Ilyas (who, with Donwil, made up the group Ilwil) and Cincinnati producer Brickbeat, Tanya Morgan began to send demos back and forth electronically, meeting in person only after half the record was already complete. Their debut full-length, Moonlighting, was then released in the spring of 2006.


  • 04.26.16 RT @donwill: Check out this fresh new joint: GOT https://t.co/fYZjhyt6UO on #SoundCloud
  • 04.26.16 📷 djlowkey: Friday, 4/29 -> Special guest @Dondub (of @TanyaMorgan/Brooklyn/DJ set) at The Solution... https://t.co/YfS6euCPxE
  • 04.25.16 RT @denversolution: Friday, 4/29 -> Special guest @Dondub (of @TanyaMorgan/Brooklyn/DJ set) at The Solution w/… https://t.co/7JT5mRlW6M htt…
  • 04.22.16 RT @cheGRAND: The thing that IS special about "Mental" is I produced it. I'm producing the whole EP.
  • 04.22.16 RT @cheGRAND: "Mental" will be on the Grandiose Patois EP (TBA) Lessondary's "Ahead of Schedule" album drops 6.24.16...
  • 04.19.16 📹 donwill: Just uploaded April ‘16 Night Train DJ Set to Mixcloud. Listen now! https://t.co/te1eiRMXJY
  • 04.18.16 RT @donwill: The Lessondary (@vonpea @RobCaveJr @elucidwho @jermiside @ilyas513 @flyingmolotov) Ahead Of Schedule 6.24.16 via @HiPNOTT…
  • 04.17.16 RT @donwill: Tonight 8PM we're partying for @BernieSanders at @kinfolklife w/ Natasha Diggs, Stretch Armstrong and Get Summered https://t.c…
  • 04.17.16 TAKE THE POWER BACK: A Hip Hop GOTV party for Bernie Sanders! 8pm-2am. Hosted by William Donald Freeman of Tanya... https://t.co/YwtkMDLPLT
  • 04.17.16 RT @rnrbchart: Keep your eye on this one the DJs are talking about Now up to #31 at College & Grassroots Hip Hop Radio @headkrack f @TanyaM…
  • 04.13.16 RT @VonPea: Ok so now we need someone to direct the @TanyaMorgan short film where i kill everyone at the end. Serious inquiries only
  • 04.07.16 RT @GregF71: "@Conemagazine:@Guts_PuraVida Eternal @HEAVENLYSWEETNS /\ https://t.co/tes0grqs1b https://t.co/6YDPGRwlVU"@LERONSKY @TanyaMorg…