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Tanya Morgan

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  • Years Active: 2000s
  • Website: tanyamorgan.net
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  • Tanya Morgan

  • Tanya Morgan


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All Music Guide:

Though the name Tanya Morgan sounds as if it belongs to a solo female performer, it is in fact an all-male hip-hop group. The band started in 2003 when producer/MC Von Pea (who lived in Brooklyn) and MC Donwil (who lived in Cincinnati) met online and decided to make an album together. Bringing in Ilyas (who, with Donwil, made up the group Ilwil) and Cincinnati producer Brickbeat, Tanya Morgan began to send demos back and forth electronically, meeting in person only after half the record was already complete. Their debut full-length, Moonlighting, was then released in the spring of 2006.


Tanya Morgan is an American hip hop group, which consists of MC Donwill and MC/producer Von Pea. Donwill is from Cincinnati, Ohio, while Von Pea is from Brooklyn, New York. Their third studio album, Rubber Souls was released on September 24, 2013.

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Tanya Morgan was founded in 2003. Von Pea and Donwill, already regular collaborators after having met on the okayplayer.com message board, decided to work on a full-length album together. Ilyas, who along with Donwill comprised a hip-hop duo known as Ilwill, joined the project as a third member, and producer Brick Beats was brought in to work on the album as well. Since Von Pea lived in Brooklyn and both Donwill and Ilyas lived in Cincinnati, the trio did much of the work on their first album by exchanging files across AOL Instant Messenger.

Prior to releasing their debut album Moonlighting, Tanya Morgan released an online mixtape, Sunlighting, and an EP of original material, Sunset. After Tanya Morgan was featured in XXL Magazine's "Show and Prove" column, Moonlighting was released on Loud Minority Music. The album received 3.5 mics (out of 5) in The Source magazine, an entry in the Chairman's Choice column in XXL, and coverage in Wax Poetics magazine and several other publications and websites.

The group released the first MySpace-themed video for their single "We Be", and it went on to win MTVu's Freshman of the Week contest in July 2006. The "We Be" video was resultantly aired on channels such as MTV Jams, Much Music and nyctv's The Bridge.

Tanya Morgan has collaborated with hip-hop acts such as Nicolay, Fat Jon, 88 Keys and Drake. The group performed at Toronto's NXNE Festival with Nouveau Riche, and the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival with Ghostface Killah, Large Professor, Consequence, and others. Tanya Morgan is also a regular at New York's annual CMJ Festival.

Tanya Morgan was voted the winner of the "Show Us What You Got" Hip-Hop Artist Competition, held on October 25, 2007 at the Power Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. They were also featured in XXL's "Chairman's Choice" in September 2008, and named in XXLMag.com's Top Ten Artists in July of the same year. 2008 also saw the release of their EP The Bridge.

In 2009 Tanya Morgan recorded Brooklynati, an album and coinciding multi-media project that was released May 12, 2009 on Interdependent Media. The album was produced by Brick Beats and Von Pea and included vocals by Carlitta Durand, Napoleon, Peter Hadar and Phonte, with guest appearances from Jermiside, Che Grand and Blu, among others. The music was paired with a multimedia campaign based on the fictitious city "Brooklynati", which combined elements from both Cincinnati, Ohio and Brooklyn, New York.

After Brooklynati, the group reformed with Ilyas moving on to focus on his solo material and video production while Von Pea and Donwill continue to tour as Tanya Morgan, supporting the group's new and classic material as well as Donwill's and Von Pea's own solo releases.

The Sandwich Shop was released in 2010 as a side project in which Von Pea and Donwill put vocals over The Roots' Sandwiches EP. In late 2011 the duo put out a 9-track EP entitled You & What Army.

In 2013 Tanya Morgan released their third studio album, Rubber Souls. Rubber Souls was produced entirely by 6th Sense and features appearances by Spree Wilson, Nitty Scott, Outasight, and Spec Boogie, among others.

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Albums discography[edit]

2005: Sunset (EP)2006: Moonlighting2007: Sunlighting (Mixtape)2008: Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group (Mixtape)2008: The Bridge (EP)2009: Brooklynati2010: Don Cusack in High Fidelity (Donwill Solo LP)2010: Pea's Gotta Have It (Von Pea Solo LP) (October 12, 2010)2010: The Sandwich Shop (EP)2011: Doppelganger (Donwill Solo EP)2011: You and What Army (EP)2013: Rubber Souls2014: You Get What You Pay For
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