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Alif Laila

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  • Years Active: 2000s


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Alif Laila (Hindi: अलिफ़ लैला) is a TV series based on the stories from One Thousand and One Nights. It was produced by Sagar Films (Pvt. Ltd.). It was made in two seasons. The first season was aired on DD National and season two on ARY Digital. Popularity of the show lead to it being broadcast in Bengali on BTV, and ETV. The show started re-airing from 2012 on Dhamaal TV every weekdays.

The plot line of the series starts right from the very beginning when Scheherazade starts telling stories to Shahryar. Alif Laila contains both the well-known and the lesser-known stories from One Thousand and One Nights which are mentioned here. Actual word is "Alf Laila" meaning thousand nights.

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Prologue to The Story of King Shahryar and Queen Scheherazade. The Merchant and the GenieThe Old Man and the Two Black DogsThe Old Man and the GoatThe Fisherman The Greek King Yunan and the Physician DoubanAladdin and the Wonderful LampAli Baba and the Forty Thieves The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the SailorPrince Jalal Talib and The Three Pearls The Night adventures of Harun al-Rashid, Caliph of BaghdadStory of the Three Qalandar, Sons of Kings, and of Three Ladies of Baghdad. Also known as The Story of the Porter and the Three Ladies of Baghdad.The Story of the Blind Baba AbdallahThe Story of Sidi-NoumanThe Story of Two Brothers: Talib and JamalThe Trader and the Story of Three BrothersEpilogue to The Story of King Shahryar and Queen Scheherazade. ^ A selection of stories from Alif laila wa laila: the Arabian nights' entertainment. Ginn & co. 1892. Retrieved 30 May 2012. ^ Frank Moore Colby; Talcott Williams (1918). The New international encyclopædia. Dodd, Mead and company. Retrieved 30 May 2012. ^ http://www.amazon.in/Jalal-Talib-Aur-Malika-Hamira/dp/B008VQ7D9G

Home Media[edit]

VHS & DVD releases[edit]

The episodes of Alif Laila was released on both VCD and DVD format. The DVD release was marketed as 20 volumes consisting of 143 episodes, while the VCD released as 50 sets. There also been DVD and VCD releases of single story arcs.

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Alif Laila was the winner of Most Outstanding T.V. Serial awarded by India Cine-goers Academy.

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Seema Kanwal (Damini) as ScheherazadeGirija Shankar as ShahryārShah Nawaz as Royal Vizier (Prologue), Sinbad the Sailor (Sinbad arc), dacoit Asfandyaar (Ali Baba arc)Shweta Rastogi as daughter of Royal Vizier (Prologue)R.K. Dutta as Trader (Trader & Genie arc)Pramod Kapoor as merchant Sirajuddin Shareef Zardaari (Trader & goat arc), prince Gulfaam (Sinbad arc)Mulraj Razda as hakim DoubanNavdeep Singh as Aladdin (Aladdin arc)Papiya Sengupta as princess Gulafsha of NaglistaanVilas Raj as African magician, Zingaalu Zungla (Aladdin arc), pirate Qehermaan (Sinbad arc)Pinky Parikh as Duraksha (Trader & goat arc), Fairy Zeba Zeemi Shaheen (Aladdin arc), Marjina (Ali Baba arc), princess Badroulbadour and Mallika Tabuti (Sinbad arc)Sulakshna Khatri as witch Saahiras Bela (Sinbad arc)Jyotin Dave as King of Naglistaan (Aladdin arc), Police chief (Ali Baba arc), Shah of Baghdad (Sinbad arc)Sunil Pandey as Sabeer Ahmed (Three Brothers arc), Ali Baba (Ali Baba arc), dacoit Gufraan (Sinbad arc)Tarakesh Chauhan as merchant Qaasim (Ali Baba arc), Balgavaan (Sinbad arc), Hafif (Sinbad arc)Rakesh didi as Dilshad (Ali Baba arc)Jharna Dave as Naubahar (Ali Baba arc), sorceress Zubeidaa (Sinbad arc)Paulomi Mukherjee as prince Gulfaam's wife, lady Shahzamaani (Sinbad arc)Ashwini Sidhwani as fairy Maarukh (Sinbad arc)Sunil Nagar as Sultan, lady Gazala's lover (Sinbad arc)Payal Mehta as lady Gazala (Sinbad arc)Kumar Hegde as shapeshifter Halkaash Dev (Sinbad arc)Lata Nagar as Queen Malika-e-Aliyah (Sinbad arc)
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