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Soft Pink Truth

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  • Born: United States
  • Years Active: 2000s
  • Website: brainwashed.com/spt/
  • Recent Activity: 02.07.16 do u crave harsh, blown-out faggotry? πŸ”Œ check this rad queer power electronics & noise compilation from Minneapolis https://t.co/4UasCDIpfa
  • Soft Pink Truth

  • Soft Pink Truth

  • Soft Pink Truth


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All Music Guide:

Drew Daniel's the Soft Pink Truth grew from a dare. While Daniel was performing in Paris with Martin Schmidt as Matmos, Matthew Herbert challenged him to make a house record. Daniel responded with 2001's Soft Pink Missy 12", which Herbert released on his Soundslike label. Daniel went beyond the dare and kept the project going -- a smart decision given the strength of the debut. The second 12", Promofunk, didn't come until late 2002, but the wait was well worth it; it included a delirious, infectious update of Vanity 6's "Make Up" (featuring vocals from Blevin Blectum), and "Gender Studies," a dancefloor-bound clinic in sample stitching. Early 2003 saw the release of the full-length Do You Party?, which collected the eight tracks from the previous releases and added three additional tracks. The Acting Crazy 12" came later that year, including a new production and remixes from Herbert, Safety Scissors, and Brooks. Late in 2004, Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Soft Pink Truth found Daniel reimagining punk and hardcore songs from the '70s and '80s -- as well as a Carol Channing song -- as dance music. Though Daniel provided Soft Pink Truth remixes for artists such as Grizzly Bear during the 2000s and 2010s, it wasn't until 2014 that he returned with the project's third full-length album. Why Do the Heathen Rage? gave the Soft Pink Truth treatment to death metal, and included collaborations with members of Locrian, Wye Oak and Antony Hegarty.


  • 02.07.16 do u crave harsh, blown-out faggotry? πŸ”Œ check this rad queer power electronics & noise compilation from Minneapolis https://t.co/4UasCDIpfa
  • 02.06.16 RT @brandonstosuy: .@xSoftPinkTruthx's mix in the gender neutral bathroom https://t.co/fnvsDVpaIi
  • 02.04.16 RT @pitchfork: There will be some special spa playlists at ⌘R curated by @bjork, @therangejames, @xSoftPinkTruthx, and @jennyhval https://t…
  • 02.01.16 RT @brandonstosuy: I asked @xSoftPinkTruthx, @jennyhval, @therangejames, and @bjork to make "spa" playlists for our event at the MCA in Chi…
  • 01.31.16 Tfw you're not really sure if you wanna go out this Saturday night or just stay in and read a book https://t.co/Nf7rrTpCfm
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  • 01.23.16 it must be some kind of psychic payback that my neighbor is loudly singing a mix of new school showtunes (Wicked?) & Creed-esque yarling rn
  • 01.20.16 RT @djhausUTTU: STOP WHAT U R DOING AND BUY THE NEW @xSoftPinkTruthx ALBUM ON BANDCAMP OR GET IT FREE UP 2 U https://t.co/NjSsSOuCJ6 https:…
  • 01.20.16 Yo I'm honored to have remixed Estonian club producer @Mer1mell on her new WORKOUT EP for @djhausUTTU 's πŸ”₯ label! πŸ™ https://t.co/2LghOXYsd9
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