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Mr. Scruff

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  • Born: Stockport, Cheshire, England
  • Years Active: 1990s, 2000s
  • Website: http://www.mrscruff.com
  • Recent Activity: 05.22.15 RT @brick_london: . @mrscruff1 delivers the perfect Friday mix to @UKThump ahead of his @Beatherder set this Summer https://t.co/mw4xk4pFd3
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Mr. Scruff's breakbeat noodlings were some of the more playful and summery of the British trip-hop lot. Ultra-clean production and an economic approach to sampling distinguished his music from spliff-tokers and bombasts alike. The authorial nickname of Manchester native Andy Carthy (his neatly trimmed beard being the source), Mr. Scruff attracted the buzz of DJs and critics alike with the 1995 Rob's Records release "Sea Mammal." A semi-veiled tribute to Boogie Down Productions' seminal "My Philosophy," it combined the dime-store aesthetic of a Luke Vibert or Howie B with more tempered, straight-ahead rhythms and subtle funk, soul, and electro references. The appearance soon after of The Frolic EP on Rob's subsidiary Pleasure Music -- which took the breezier, tea-room quotidian feel of his debut a few Sunday afternoon steps further -- turned buzz to blare for Carthy, and remix offers from the likes of DJ Food and Lamb flowed in. The year 1997 brought an EP, Large Pies, for noted Bristol label Cup of Tea, as well as Scruff's eponymous debut full-length. Keep It Unreal, his first Ninja Tune release, followed in 1999 and featured Roots Manuva on the track "JusJust." Around that time, Scruff also became known for all-night DJ sets that included everything from '60s and '70s soul-jazz and funk to scratchy old reggae and dub 45s, classic hip-hop, schmaltzy vocal pop, and new-school electronica. His releases during the 2000s, including Trouser Jazz (2002) and Ninja Tuna (2008), were more collaborative, with appearances from the likes of Seaming, Braintax, Alice Russell, and Kaidi Tatham (aka Agent K), among many others. EP releases scattered across the tail-end of the 2000s and the beginning of the 2010s led to 2014's Friendly Bacteria, on which he was joined by Matthew Halsall, Robert Owens, and Vanessa Freeman. The almost electro album featured a more minimal set of sounds with less samples and heavy bass.


Mr. Scruff is the recording name of Andy Carthy (born 10 February 1972), is a British electronic music producer and DJ. He lives in Stretford, Greater Manchester and studied fine art at the Psalter Lane campus of Sheffield Hallam University. Before he could make a living from his music alone, he worked as a shelf stocker in the Hazel Grove branch of Kwik Save.

His stage name was inspired by his scruffy facial hair as well as his trademark loose-lined drawing style. He has been DJing since 1994, at first in and around Manchester then nationwide. He is known for DJing in marathon sets (often exceeding six hours), his eclectic musical taste, his love of a "nice cup of tea", and the quirky home-produced visuals and animations associated with his music. In an interview he said: "It’s about putting a lot of effort in and paying attention to detail. I get annoyed if I don’t take risks. I’m very hard on myself."

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In his twenties Mr. Scruff's first 12" vinyl, "Hocus Pocus", was released on the small Manchester-based label Robs Records. Subsequent singles and his first album (Mr. Scruff) followed, released on Robs Records subsidiary Pleasure Music. After a brief spell working with Mark Rae, he moved to the larger Ninja Tune label and subsequently released the albums Keep It Unreal and Trouser Jazz.

His most notable hit, "Get a Move On", is built around "Bird's Lament (In Memory of Charlie Parker)" by Moondog and has been used in several commercials ranging from Lincoln and Volvo automobiles to France Télécom and GEICO insurance. The song also samples Shifty Henry's "Hyping Woman Blues" and led to a renewal of interest in Henry's compositions.

In 2004, Mr. Scruff released Keep It Solid Steel Volume 1, the first of what is intended to be a series of several DJ-mixed compilation CDs for Ninja Tune's Solid Steel series of artist mixes. These mixes are designed to recreate the eclectic genres one would expect to hear at a Mr. Scruff club night. In November 2006, Ninja Tune confirmed that the 8th Solid Steel record would be mixed by J Rocc and the 9th would be Volume 2 from Mr. Scruff. Other Solid Steel mixes have been released by fellow Ninja Tune artists including The Herbaliser, Hexstatic, DJ Food and Amon Tobin.

He has a wide array of remixes to his name, and has also produced tracks for others – notably "Echo of Quiet and Green" for sometime-collaborator Niko for her 2004 album Life on Earth. Niko returned the favour, appearing on the track "Come Alive" from the Trouser Jazz album.

Having performed regularly at The Big Chill Festival in Eastnor Castle deer park, Ledbury, Herefordshire, he was asked in 2006 to select the tracks for the compilation album, Big Chill Classics.

July 2008 saw the release of Southport Weekender Volume 7, a double album released in the Southport Weekender series, recorded in a purpose-built holiday village in Southport, Merseyside. The first disc was mixed by German nu jazz DJs Jazzanova, and the second was mixed by Mr. Scruff. Scruff's contribution is a mix of soul music.

In 2008, a new independent record label, Ninja Tuna, was founded, a collaboration between Scruff and the Ninja Tune label. Mr. Scruff's most recent singles and the album Ninja Tuna were all released on the new label.

A US-only release of the album on mp3 came with 10 additional tracks from the Ninja Tuna recording sessions, under the title Bonus Bait. A CD version of this supplementary album was released in the UK in February 2009.

On 19 May 2014 Ninja Tuna released Mr. Scruff's fifth studio album, Friendly Bacteria.

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Mr. Scruff's album and single cover art, music videos, merchandise and his official website are noted for their whimsical cartoonish look; the cartoons are drawn by Scruff himself, in what he calls "potato style". The images and animations are also projected onto large screens during his gigs. Scruff also drew cartoons for music magazines such as Jockey Slut in the 1990s.


Mr. Scruff began selling tea from a small room at the Manchester club, the Music Box, where he was resident DJ in around 2000, with the proceeds going to charity. When he started touring, Scruff took the enterprise with him and gained a reputation for being the DJ with the teashop. When appearing at festivals, such as Big Chill and WOMAD, tea stalls or tents were erected, and were open for the duration of the festivals. Scruff subsequently started an online tea company, Make Us a Brew, and produces his own range of fair trade teabags. Both his official website, and the Make Us a Brew site also sell branded tea-related paraphernalia including teapots, mugs and tea-towels. The teabags are sold in department store chains Selfridges, Waitrose and Booths.

He is the joint owner, with his manager Gary McClarnan, of Teacup Kitchen, located in Thomas Street, near Manchester Cathedral.


Most of Mr. Scruff's studio albums contain tracks about fish, whales and other sea-life, which cut up recordings of voiceovers from children's stories and nature documentaries to create surreal and silly stories. They began with the track "Sea Mammal" (featuring a sample from Boogie Down Productions' track "Part Time Sucker"), released on the Hocus Pocus single (1995). It is also the opening track on Scruff's first album. This was followed by "Wail" (as a homophone for "Whale"), also on his first album. Keep It Unreal (1999) featured the tracks "Shanty Town" and "Fish", the latter of which features samples from the likes of David Attenborough and David Bellamy. The album Trouser Jazz (2002) closes with another cut-up track, "Ahoy There!", noted as featuring an appearance from "Albert Ross" (albatross).

Scruff has stated that he is unlikely to record any further fish-based cut-up tracks. However, marine references continue in Scruff's work including the track "Shrimp" from Trouser Jazz, and the title and cover art of his most recent albums, Ninja Tuna (2008) and its companion release, Bonus Bait (2009).

Hot Pot[edit]

Mr. Scruff and Treva Whateva (his Ninja Tune label-mate and friend from Stockport) recorded a weekly hour-long radio show, some episodes of which can still be found on samurai.fm.

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Song appearances[edit]

The last segment from the documentary movie Scratch (2001), entitled "Full Circle", features a different mix of "Spandex Man" with additional samples.Episodes of the Channel 4 TV comedy show Spaced featured the tracks "Spandex Man", "Chipmunk" and "Blackpool Roll" from the Keep It Unreal album."Spandex Man" was also used on the BBC series Top Gear, is often used on the BBC Three show The Real Hustle and features in the films SW9 and Gumball Rally 3000.The song "Ug" from the album Trouser Jazz is used in numerous Weebl and Bob cartoons, including the very first one entitled "Pie". The pie as a motif later recurred in one of Scruff's videos (Sweetsmoke)."Get a Move On" has been used in advertisements including Volvo and Lincoln automobiles, in television shows including the BBC's snooker highlights, Bargain Hunt and The Apprentice and in Kenny Anderson's section of the skateboarding video One Step Beyond. The song was chosen by Victoria Wood as one of her eight favourite records on Desert Island Discs."Blackpool Roll" was used in New Zealand by television network TV ONE as background music as part of their branded channel advertising and show listings. It also appears in the game Rolando 2."Fish" was used by Nexus Productions for the Virgin Atlantic safety video, which features the voices of Vic Reeves and Dani Behr. It was also used by Thomson Reuters for their UK Customer Service hold music.Several Mr. Scruff tracks appeared on Rolando, a game for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch devices in 2008. The game, developed by HandCircus and published by Ngmoco, features the tracks "Ug", "Stockport Carnival", "Spandex Man", "Donkey Ride", "Kalimba", "Shrimp", and "Mice at the Organ".The track "Kalimba" from the album Ninja Tuna is included in the sample music folder on computers running Windows 7."So Long" and "Get a Move On" from the album Keep it Unreal, have been featured on Cartoon Networks' Adult Swim during commercial breaks."Pickled Spider" was featured in solid steel's podcast episode: Revenge of the nerd, Created by Dj Cheeba ^ "Desert Island Discs: Victoria Wood". Radio show. BBC.co.uk (Radio 4). Retrieved 15 December 2009. 
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05.29.15 The Black Box Belfast, Bfs UK
06.20.15 Band on the Wall Manchester, Gtm UK
07.03.15 Cheese and Grain Frome, Somerset UK
07.23.15 The Leadmill Sheffield, Syk UK


  • 05.22.15 RT @brick_london: . @mrscruff1 delivers the perfect Friday mix to @UKThump ahead of his @Beatherder set this Summer https://t.co/mw4xk4pFd3
  • 05.19.15 RT @eripley8: @mrscruff1 petition to help save the @ArchesGlasgow TY #SAVETHEARCHES https://t.co/DRCtdKPF6O
  • 05.16.15 RT @allgigs: London! Tonight you've got Mr Scruff (@mrscruff1) at KOKO in Camden (@kokolondon) --> http://t.co/Hgaf177Ea9
  • 05.16.15 TONIGHT>> 5 hour DJ set @KOKOLondon 10-3 http://t.co/gwcn3JPsbK
  • 05.15.15 TONIGHT>> 5 hour DJ set @stealthclub Nottingham alongside Wrighty from Soul Buggin' http://t.co/gwcn3JPsbK
  • 05.15.15 RT @Wordplaymag: You can catch @mrscruff1 at Koko on Saturday, we had a little chat as he prepped for a 5 hour set http://t.co/82AbJWCZJK
  • 05.15.15 RT @BISradio: Nice to see how David Mancuso would prepare and sound check for a party: https://t.co/KDRZeZrcCn
  • 05.14.15 This weekend.. @stealthclub Nottingham friday & @KOKOLondon on Saturday http://t.co/gwcn3JPsbK
  • 05.14.15 RT @stealthclub: This Friday we welcome @mrscruff1 back to Stealth, 11 years on from his DJ set at our opening night! http://t.co/JnoqJUik3K
  • 05.14.15 RT @LukeHoosTawking: Going to see @mrscruff1 this Saturday Never miss his Camden nights <<ace, see you on saturday!
  • 05.13.15 This weekend.. @stealthclub Nottingham friday & @KOKOLondon on Saturday http://t.co/gwcn3JPsbK
  • 05.13.15 RT @Wordplaymag: You can catch @mrscruff1 at Koko on Saturday, we had a little chat as he prepped for a 5 hour set http://t.co/82AbJWCZJK