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Jimmy Edgar

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  • Born: Detroit, MI
  • Years Active: 2000s


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Jimmy Edgar's music is like the aural equivalent of those mid-'80s "sexy robot" airbrushed pop art posters by Hajime Sorayama -- the sound of a sleek digital future when machines have the same erotic desires as human beings. A postmodern polymath who also built a successful career as a graphic artist, photographer, and fashion designer, Edgar was born on August 10, 1983 in Detroit and manifested a love for music at an early age, learning to play saxophone and drums, gigging in local bands, and experimenting with making electronic music. His elder brother was a music promoter, and at the tender age of 15 he found himself DJing alongside techno legends Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, and Derrick May. His first track was released by the respected German label Poker Flat in 2002, when he was just 19 years old.

The same year, after hearing just that one track, the Florida label Merck signed him and put out his debut album, My Mines I, which was attributed to his "dual alter ego," Kristuit Salu vs. Morris Nightingale. The next year, the Dutch label audio.nl released his second album, %20, this time under the alias Michaux. These two works, which were fairly experimental and can be classified with the glitch or clicks + cuts genre that was prevalent at the time, received favorable reviews and attracted the attention of powerhouse electronica label Warp, which signed him to a worldwide deal. His debut release for the label, in 2004, was the four-track Access Rhythm EP, which had more of a hip-hop sound and featured, in a nod to his former alter ego, the "Morris Nightingale Theme." Later the same year, he followed up with the Bounce Make Model mini-album, which first crystallized the erotic electro-funk sound for which he would become well known.

Edgar spent the next two years working on his debut Warp full-length. The result was Color Strip, a breathtakingly original album on which Edgar attempted to "capture the essence of Detroit." Inspired by sex and drugs, made using a selection of software custom-built by Edgar himself, and recorded to analog tape, it had a sleazy urban feel that combined techno, electro, R&B, glitch, and hip-hop influences and was an immediate success, invoking a slew of critical acclaim.

In the four-year gap following the release of Color Strip, Edgar was involved in several other projects including Black Affair, Her Bad Habit, and X District, and was rumored to be part of the mysterious electronica outfits Plus Device and Creepy Autograph. In 2008 he moved from Detroit to New York City, which had an influence on the music he was to start making next. When his follow-up album, XXX, was allegedly rejected by Warp, he signed with the German jazz-house label K7, which released it in July 2010. While in a similar vein to Color Strip, it had a somewhat more straightforward and "live" sound, with Edgar playing bass guitar on a number of tracks, and collaborating with female guest vocalists.


Jimmy Edgar is a Detroit-based electronic music artist, signed to Ultramajic Records, which he co-founded and operates. In his early years he was influenced by funk, street beat and R&B. He began his music career by playing the drums in experimental bands and by making tape recordings. Most of these recordings, consisting mainly of pitch bent tape loops, tape splicing, field recordings, and noise tracks, were the beginning of his experimentation with the technical aspects of production. He has since released multiple albums as an independent artist or collaborator, and also has showcased his fashion photography at a number of international exhibitions.

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Early life[edit]

Jimmy Edgar was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1983. Edgar's interest in music propelled him at a young age to learn multiple instruments, including string instruments, saxophone, and mostly percussion/drum set. By the time he was 15, he started performing at Detroit raves.

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Career1.1 1998: Michaux project1.2 1999-2003: Albums1.3 2000s: Photography and film1.4 2007: X District and production1.5 Anonymous projects1.6 2012-14: Recent years and Ultramajic


1998: Michaux project[edit]

In 1998, Edgar began digitally producing conceptual music under the name Michaux. Edgar's only release as Michaux came in 2003 on the label Audio.NL. The album is named %20, URL code for the space character, and explores the concept of silence as well as sounds outputted by computer viruses. According to Audio.NL, sections of the album are so "extreme in frequency" that an acceptable vinyl release could not be produced, making it the only compact disc release on the label to date. The Michaux project was considered by music critics to be an early example of the genre glitch or Microsound, and according to Boomkat, was "some of the most original treatments you'll hear on any disc, at any time, anywhere."

1999-2003: Albums[edit]

In early 1999 Edgar signed his first record deal with NYC based Isophlux Records, following a release of a techno track called "We Like You" on the German label Poker Flat. Miami-based Merck Records then signed him and released his first full length album My Mines I by the "dual alter ego" kristuit salu vs. morris nightingale. After the release of My Mines I in February 2002, Edgar started touring cities in the US, including New York City, performing at the Miami Infiltrate, Vancouver and selected cities in Japan. On tour he incorporated visuals such as synchronized projections.

He was also asked to perform at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival in 2003 which was his debut as a Warp Records artist. His first release on Warp was a 4-track EP, titled Access Rhythm' in 2004. In 2005 he followed up a second 6-track EP Bounce Make Model, and then his full-length album Color Strip in February 2006. He mutually left Warp Records in 2008 due to creative differences shortly after his single "I Wanna Be Your STD" appeared on the label's top ten 20th anniversary box set WARP20.

The album XXX, formerly called Deeper, came out June 2010 on K7 Records. The second single, "Turn You Inside Out," was released on rcrdlbl.com in July 2008 and became the #1 most popular download within the first week . Around that time he continued to tour internationally, notably in cities such as Tokyo, Zagreb, Istanbul, Athens, Tallinn, Moscow, Turin, London, and Berlin.

2000s: Photography and film[edit]

Edgar is a professional fashion photographer, and has seen his work in such publications as Spot Magazine, Urb Magazine, Blink Magazine and others. Edgar's fashion photography was featured on the cover of the 10th anniversary issue of H Magazine in Spain, which also published the entire story titled "Adaptable Color." The story also made the cover with accompanied interview in UK's Notion Magazine and a video interview for ELLE Belgium.

He has done photography work in Los Angeles and New York City, while exhibiting his work in Europe and Japan. Edgar shoots in a varying of different styles from new digital HDR technology, to medium format film inspired by early Prada, Fendi and Calvin Klein ads. He often test shoots select agency models. In addition to shooting fashion, Jimmy has also shot press photos for Hercules & Love Affair, Kelley Polar, Morgan Geist, Theophilus London, Black Affair, Beta Band, and Emika. In 2010 he began directing and producing fashion films for such designers as Japan's BLACKOPERATOR, and his own series with Liz Centolella.

2007: X District and production[edit]

In 2007, Edgar started several new projects as executive producer. One of them was X District, which started out as an accidental exchange of cryptic and symbolic writings between Edgar and Laura Clarke from Leeds. These conversations and typed words ended up as the Color Correction EP on Noir Push Recordings. In December 2008, Color Correction was re-released on Playhouse Records (Germany) with remixes by Edgar and LoSoul. Edgar then co-produced & engineered the Pleasure Pressure Point album released by Steve Mason of Scotland's The Beta Band, in 2008. He also was involved with the media for the album's promotional campaign, producing and directing a music video, photography, and the album and single's artwork.

Anonymous projects[edit]

Edgar is rumored to be half of the anonymous Plus Device, an electro duo released on Hefty Records. Edgar is also rumoured to be part of the anonymous Creepy Autograph along with several other members including Nels Truesdell, Alice Wakefield, and Dutch Master. Creepy Autograph have seen releases including Erase in Mind EP, Sexy Body EP, and Murder Sex on vinyl, published under Valentines Connexion and distributed through Rush Hour (Netherlands).

2008 saw the debut release from Edgar's electrofunk project Her Bad Habit, on the Citinite label. The five-track EP contains more live instrumentation than his previous work and combines a variety of influences, from Chicago house to Minneapolis funk.

2012-14: Recent years and Ultramajic[edit]
Main article: Ultramajic

Edgar and Machinedrum released an E.P. in 2012 as the group Jets. They also toured in support of the material, playing a number of major festivals.

Edgar founded the record label Ultramajic with artist Pilar Zeta and Travis Stewart in 2013. They have released over a dozen albums in the electronic genre, with both Zeta and Edgar designing most album covers.

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Style and influences[edit]

Jimmy Edgar has dubbed himself an advocate of Sound Couture in interviews.

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Emika "Hit Me/3 Hours" Ninja Tune Records, Directed by Jimmy Edgar (2012)PLAYING WITH FIRE, Directed by Jimmy Edgar (10/2011)ELPHA, Fashion Film Directed by Jimmy Edgar (01/2011)KATE, Fashion Film Directed by Jimmy Edgar (01/2011)BRIDGET, Fashion Film Directed by Jimmy Edgar (01/2011)BLACK OPERATOR, Fashion Commercial Directed by Jimmy Edgar (09/2010)SHE LET'S HIM, Short Film Directed by Jimmy Edgar (05/2010)Nothing is Better, Directed by Jimmy Edgar (08/01/2008)LB LB Detroit, Directed by Christos Chrestatos (07/01/2006)

Art exhibitions[edit]

Turin, Italy (2006) Museum during Torino Winter OlympicsNew York City, USA (2007) Photography Exhibition Finite GalleryMiami, USA (2007) MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art Live Sound InstallationNew York CIty, USA (2008) White Museum, Jimmy Edgar Painting ExhibitionNew York City, USA (05/2008) XXX Exhibition Jimmy Edgar Photography/PolaroidDetroit, USA (08/2009) 555 Gallery Jimmy Edgar Painting ExhibitionPontiac, USA (11/2009) Vernor's Room Jimmy Edgar Complete Works (Painting on Canvas Series)Bologna, Italy (01/21-01/24/2010) Installation Link Museum featuring Work No. 11
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