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Cara or CARA may refer to:


Cara (given name), a given name for femalesAna Cara, American professorIrene Cara (born 1959), American singer and actressMarchetto Cara (c. 1470–c. 1520), Italian composer of the Renaissance
Fictional characters[edit]
Cara (Sword of Truth), a character in Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth seriesA character in the OEL Manga Next ExitSin Cara (disambiguation), a professional wrestling character who has been portrayed by two men


Cara&Co, a retailer in Moscow, RussiaCara Operations, a franchise which owns restaurant chainsClassification and Rating Administration, a division of the Motion Picture Association of America that administers the MPAA film rating systemCompassion and Responsibility for Animals, a non-profit animal welfare group in the PhilippinesCouncil for Assisting Refugee Academics, a charitable organizationCenter of Administration of the Anosy Region, an NGO working for sustainable development in Tôlanaro, Madagascar


Čara, a village on the island of Korčula, CroatiaCara, a village in Cojocna Commune, Cluj County, RomaniaCara Island, off the west coast of Argyll, ScotlandCara Paraná River, ColombiaCara Sucia River, El SalvadorMonte Cara, a mountain in the Republic of Cape VerdeMount Cara, a peak in AntarcticaChara (rural locality), a rural locality in Zabaykalsky Krai, Russia

Other uses[edit]

Cara (horse) (1836–1857), British Thoroughbred racehorse and broodmareCara cara navel, a type of orangeCara culture, an Andean civilizationCara language, a small Plateau language of NigeriaCombined altitude radar altimeter, a radar altimeter with both analog and digital displaysConstant absolute risk aversion, a term in Economics referring to a property of the exponential utility functionContemporary A Cappella Recording Award, an award given by the Contemporary A Cappella SocietyChicano Art: Resistance and Affirmation, an influential Chicano art exhibition that toured in the 1990s