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Zubaida Khanum

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Zubaida Khanum (1935 - 19 October 2013) was a playback singer from Pakistan who recorded almost 250 songs during Lollywood's "golden era" of the 1950s and 1960s. She was considered Pakistani equivalent to Marni Nixon for giving voice to featured actresses in movie musicals.

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Zubaida Khanum debuted as a playback singer in film Billo in 1951, and got breakthrough from film Shehri Babu in 1953. Zubaida also acted as a supporting actress in a handful of films including Patey Khan (1955) and Dulla Bhatti (1956). However, she earned her name as the best melody singer of Punjabi and Urdu in the 1950s. She recorded almost 250 songs, predominantly solo but also in duets.

Her career lasted only for a decade but her songs emerged as remembrance to the golden period of Pakistan's film industry.

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Zubida Khanum was born in Amritsar, British India, in 1935, in a Muslim family. The family migrated to Lahore after independence in 1947.

Zubaida did not belong to any traditional gharana and never received any formal music lessons. She was given a head-start as a child when she was directed to the Lahore station of Radio Pakistan.

She married to cameraman Riyaz Bukhari at the height of her career and quit the film industry. She had two daughters and two sons. One of her sons is a cameraman Syed Faisal Bukhari.

Zubaida Khanum died on 19 October 2013 due to cardiac arrest at her home in Lahore.

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