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  • Born: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • Website: thefuturesvoid.net
  • Recent Activity: 12.10.16 i want to personally invite the #altright /pol/ to come "infiltrate" a DIY show... non-big government 4 the ppl event ...
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All Music Guide:

EMA is the solo performing moniker of guitarist/vocalist Erika M. Anderson, who shaped her experimental voice and guitar techniques in two well-regarded underground bands before setting off on her own. Anderson, who moved to Los Angeles from South Dakota when she was 18, played guitar with folk-noise outfit Amps for Christ in the late '90s and early 2000s, then formed the psych-folk band Gowns in 2004 with former Mae Shi member Ezra Buchla. After making three albums, Gowns disbanded in early 2010, and Anderson began working on solo material. Her single Grey Ship arrived about a year later and boasted a 17-minute version of Robert Johnson's "Kind Hearted Woman" that managed to reinvent the song drastically while remaining true to its spirit. Her debut album, Past Life Martyred Saints, appeared on Souterrain Transmissions in mid-2011. It was widely praised in the music press and, despite minimal marketing, it led to headline tours across North America and Europe. The following year Anderson began work on her second full-length with musician Leif Shackelford in Portland, Oregon. Titled The Future's Void, it arrived via Matador Records in April 2014.


  • 12.10.16 i want to personally invite the #altright /pol/ to come "infiltrate" a DIY show... non-big government 4 the ppl event ...
  • 12.10.16 2016 year end "Mystery Language" is a shoutout and light in the darkness to all friends and fam FIGHTING THE GOOD F… https://t.co/nwExxBlK2w
  • 12.10.16 this year is rough but I AM PROUD OF MY FAM from @TheSmellLA to #oaklandfire to #cleveland "in training" crew 4 bea… https://t.co/cTp6qtguN5
  • 12.09.16 Repair Is Revolutionary #repairisrevolutionary @ Portland, Oregon https://t.co/mOQh0Ryd3z
  • 12.09.16 Um... This was a painting in the lobby of my gym... Santa smokin them Xmas trees? #portland https://t.co/ua8tRqw9Yg
  • 12.04.16 this is just how we live -- constantly putting our health and safety on the line in order to live a freer life. #oaklandfire
  • 12.04.16 blahblahblah but it's fucking me up #oaklandfire
  • 12.04.16 devastated by #oaklandfire this was my community not a #rave just happy weirdos
  • 12.04.16 RT @PhilipSherburne: To media outlets covering #OaklandFire, please stop sensationalizing, calling it a "rave," and above all demonizing pa…
  • 11.30.16 "Quarter For Scale" My current foster kitty reacting to current political news… https://t.co/KylVZme7FW
  • 11.24.16 after losing the popular vote by over 2 million, @realDonaldTrump will always be a #secondplace president #2ndplacepresident
  • 11.24.16 if u could spend $10 to maybe stop a despot wouldn't you? https://t.co/fXPdpxYdLX #recount #rigged