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The Bloody Beetroots

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  • Formed: Bassano del Grappa, Italy
  • Years Active: 2000s


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Initially releasing music on celebrity DJ Steve Aoki's Dim Mak label and often compared stylistically to French electro superstars Justice, the Bloody Beetroots -- technically a solo project of one Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo -- generated significant buzz in the music blogosphere from 2006 onward with both remix and production work. The Italian artist's masked appearance à la Daft Punk also garnered significant media attention. Rifo began to establish the Bloody Beetroots DJ Set as a performance act in early 2008 with a short American tour that included a stop at South by Southwest as well as numerous club gigs in Los Angeles, where he appeared alongside Aoki. Following a handful of EPs, the Bloody Beetroots' first album, Romborama, was released in 2009. Rifo then spent the next couple of years promoting the record with an extensive touring schedule, and by spring 2010 he had named his live act Bloody Beetroots Deathcrew '77.

By 2011 the Bloody Beetroots had not only been signed to Patrick Moxey's renowned Ultra label, but Rifo's work had also begun to appear on Ministry of Sound in Australia. Later that year, Refused and the (International) Noise Conspiracy vocalist Dennis Lyxzén came into the fold for Church of Noise, an anarchistic side project with a tour and single of the same name. The year culminated with a prestigious, celebratory L.A. live date on New Year's Eve, setting the tone for a successful summer 2012 festival season for the DJ set show. The infectious, riff-based "Rocksteady" appeared earlier that year and was followed in December by the comparatively tempered "Chronicles of a Fallen Love" featuring Deadmau5 associate Greta Svabo Bech on vocals. In January 2013, Ultra began a strategic relationship with Sony, meaning that Bloody Beetroots material was issued on the major label in many different international territories. This coincided with the unveiling of the powerful show The Bloody Beetroots Live, which made its way across North America and Europe for much of the year. June 2013 brought "Out of Sight," a gritty and anthemic collaboration with none other than Paul McCartney and Youth, ahead of a second long-player, Hide, which arrived in September of that year.


The Bloody Beetroots is an Italian electro house and dance-punk formation established in late 2006 by Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo and Tommy Tea. The name is primarily used as a pseudonym for the solo projects of Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo (production, guitar, keyboards, DJ). The formation with Tommy Tea (sampling) is also known as The Bloody Beetroots DJ Set. The project is well known for the black mask they wore during performances.

^ The Bloody Beetroots Biography, retrieved 27 February 2009 


Career1.1 2006–2009: Early production and Romborama1.2 2010–2011: Death Crew 771.3 2012–2014: Hide1.4 2015-present: SBCR


The leader of the band Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo was born in 1977 in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. He lives in Beverly Hills, California. He was a classically trained musician, but gained reputation for producing music with styles ranging from punk rock to the new wave of the 1980s. His identity remains largely anonymous. In fact, the only identifying public feature he has is the year "1977" tattooed across his chest, which is the year of his birth, that coincided with the year punk-rock was born. Rifo, a music producer, DJ and photographer uses the pseudonym The Bloody Beetroots himself.

2006–2009: Early production and Romborama[edit]

Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo gained the support of Etienne De Crecy, Alex Gopher, and Dim Mak's Steve Aoki with his early singles "Warp 1.9" and "Cornelius". In 2008, his EP Cornelius was in the Top 100 International iTunes downloads. This album was a complete art project composed of music, videos, and fashion.

The Bloody Beetroots DJ Set (DJ Rifo and "Fxs" Guy Tommy Tea) had a short tour of the United States in early 2008, alongside DJ Steve Aoki. During this period, members of the group wore black Venom mask, and occasionally red masks.

In 2009, Rifo also worked on Rifoki, a hardcore punk project, a collaboration with Steve Aoki.

2010–2011: Death Crew 77[edit]

The Bloody Beetroots DJ Set played many notable festivals including Stereosonic Festival in Australia, Ultra Music Festival in Miami and Rock Werchter in Belgium.

During his 2010 Live Tour, Sir Bob labeled himself and the live band The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 and introduced drummer Edward Grinch. Tommy Tea was in charge of effects and sampling in the live band. In 2011, Grinch left the band and Battle took his place on drums.

Later in 2011, during the Church of Noise tour, vocalist Dennis Lyxzén of the punk band Refused joined and provided vocals for a few songs.

With the new live show they've continued playing on various festivals across the world: Solidays Festival in Paris, MELT! Festival in Berlin, Extrema Festival in Eindhoven, Tomorrowland in Belgium, HARD Fest in Los Angeles, Electric Zoo in NYC, and headlined NYE '11 at LA's Together as One.

"Church of Noise" featuring Dennis Lyxzén, released in late 2011.

2012–2014: Hide[edit]

A first single, "Rocksteady", was released in early 2012 with the two-part extended plays of remixes. The second single "Chronicles of a Fallen Love" featured Greta Svabo Bech was released in December 2012, also with the two-part extended plays of remixes. In February 2013, Bob Rifo announced a third single "Spank", that was produced with TAI and Bart B More and a music video launched. Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo also collaborated with Paul McCartney on the single "Out of Sight" on Ultra Records. It was released in June 2013.

For the entirety of 2012, Rifo and Tommy Tea toured the world as The Bloody Beetroots DJ Set, including performances on festivals such as Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival and HARD Fest New York.

At the beginning of 2013, Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo re-introduced the live crew under the new name The Bloody Beetroots Live, which debuted in Australia in January. The mask Rifo wears on stage has been re-designed as well, now featuring wearable LED lights on the Venom-shaped eyes, which are controlled via wi-fi. The rest of the band also wears new masks, though they do not light up like Rifo's.

The new live band consists of Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo (piano/effects, guitars, vocals), Battle (synthesizers, bass guitar) and Edward Grinch (drums). In Australia, Grinch was replaced by member New Mad Harris on drums. From the beginning of 2013 Tommy Tea dedicated himself to other personal projects.

In 2013, Rifo announced and released a new social media platform called "The Real Church of Noise", which is a "safe haven for like-minded individuals to share and collaborate". The platform incorporates sharing services such as YouTube, Soundcloud, and others.

2015-present: SBCR[edit]

Shortly after the Chaos and Confusion tour, Rifo began to DJ across the world under the pseudonym SBCR (an acronym of his stage name, but supposedly standing for atan ass ity ockers). He released one EP titled 'SBCR and Friends, Vol. 1' on Dim Mak Records and began a tour around the world preforming DJ sets.

On April 9th, 2015, Rifo released a statement to The Bloody Beetroots Facebook page supposedly announcing the end of The Bloody Beetroots. He states that SBCR is an "evolution, it's a new era and a new mask that will allow us to reshape the future of The Bloody Beetroots." He later went on to clarify the next day that The Bloody Beetroots has not ended, but SBCR will be his main project for future releases.

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In popular culture[edit]

A number of The Bloody Beetroot tracks and musical scores have appeared in popular video games.

In 2008, "Butter" was included on the soundtrack for FIFA 09"Mac Mac" was featured in 2K Sports' NBA 2K9A remix of "Black Gloves" by Goose became part of the soundtrack for Pro Evolution Soccer 2012In 2011, the song "31 Seconds to Die" was included on the soundtrack of Saints Row: The Third"Rocksteady" was used for a montage at Sony's E3 2013 Keynote. The same song was also used on the soundtrack of Asphalt 8: AirborneA new track, "The Source (Chaos and Confusion)" debuted on the soundtrack of Saints Row IV, which also features The Bloody Beetroots' remix of "Congorock – Ivory"

Bloody Beetroots has also marketed distinctive fashion items. Most notably, in collaboration with French label Sixpack France, a limited edition specially designed popular band line of T-shirts was released for sale.

The Bloody Beetroots music was also featured in the Season 3 episode of Teen Wolf titled "Illuminated." It featured 6 songs created by The Bloody Beetroots and a cameo in the show.

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