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  • Formed: Skerries, Ireland
  • Years Active: 1990s, 2000s


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Formed in 1987, Irish death/thrash metal outfit Primordial began primarily as a cover band, peppering their sets with the occasional original tune as their confidence grew. Singers came and went, and the band eventually settled into a groove in the early '90s, recording their first demo, Dark Romanticism, in 1993 for around 50 pounds. The EP sold over a thousand copies and the group found themselves heralded as frontrunners in the burgeoning second-wave black metal movement. Primordial signed with Cacophonous Records the following year, releasing Imrama in 1995. Journey's End arrived in 1998, followed by Burning Season in 2000, Spirit the Earth Aflame in 2001, Storm Before Calm in 2002, and the Metal Blade releases Gathering Wilderness in 2005 and To the Nameless Dead in 2007. The band relies on the talents of A.A. Nemtheanga, guitarists Ciáran MacUiliam and Michael O'Floinn, bassist Pól MacAmlaigh, and drummer Simon O'Laoghaire.


Not to be confused with primorial.


Primordial soup, an accumulation of chemical compounds proposed as a source of life on EarthPrimordial dwarfism, a form of dwarfism beginning from before birthPrimordial Tapecua, a species of medium sized rodent in the family Cricetidae

Nuclear physics[edit]

Primordial nuclide, naturally occurring nuclides that were present at the formation of the earth

Religion and mythology[edit]

Primordial Greek gods, a group of Greek deities born in the beginning of our universePrimordial Buddha, a self-emanating, self-originating Buddhae

Popular culture[edit]

Primordial (band), Irish metal band

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Date Venue Location Tickets
08.07.14 Catton Park Swadlincote, UK
11.20.14 Knust Hamburg, HH Germany
11.21.14 Turock Essen, NI Germany
11.28.14 The Academy Dublin, D Ireland