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Parvaneh Amir-Afshari (Persian: پروانه امير افشاری‎ born March 16, 1945), also known as Homeyra (Persian: حميرا‎), is an Iranian singer. She is a veteran celebrity of Iran's Golden Years of music. Her voice has been measured to span three octaves.

Early life[edit]

Homeyra was exposed to Persian music from an early age. Her family originally are from Zanjan and her father was one of big thane in Zanjan. Her family often hosted large dinner parties to which Iran's greatest musicians and singers were invited for guest entertainment. Revering other musicians and singers, the young novice became interested in singing. Her father took notice of this and diligently curtailed her exposure further. He also forbade her from performing in presence of non-family members and insisted if she must sing, then she do so only for him. He and the matriarchs of the family saw her singing as a disgrace to the family's name.

At age 16, Homeyra married a European-educated Iranian businessman. He allowed her more freedom and encouraged her to sing professionally. So she took music lessons and also signed up for voice training courses. She secretly attended composer Ali Tajvidi's classes for two years, leading her father to believe she was learning to drive a motor vehicle.