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Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit

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  • Born: Green Hill, AL
  • Years Active: 2000s
  • Website: http://www.jasonisbell.com/
  • Recent Activity: 09.20.14 When I say poets, I don't mean songwriters. Not to take away from either, but they are very different gigs.


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All Music Guide:

After spending six years with Southern rock outfit Drive-By Truckers, singer/guitarist Jason Isbell left the group in 2007 to pursue a solo career. Isbell had already honed his songwriting skills during his tenure with the Truckers, and he funneled those talents into Sirens of the Ditch, a bluesy, punk-infused lesson in guitar tones and Southern swagger that marked his solo debut in summer 2007. Backed by a new band dubbed the 400 Unit, Isbell took his songs on the road and soon began penning another album, which he recorded with the 400 Unit in 2008. Released the following year, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit was another step away from his work with Drive-By Truckers, relying as much on sad, melancholic country ballads as the familiar Muscle Shoals sound.

After performing more than 200 shows annually for several years running, Isbell took a breather in 2010 and returned home to northern Alabama. The area had been hit hard by the recent economic downturn, prompting Isbell to write a new batch of songs about the war vets, barflies, and out-of-luck characters who populated the area. The result was Here We Rest, which was released in spring 2011 to critical acclaim. Isbell followed it a year later in 2012 with a live set, Live from Alabama, recorded at the WorkPlay Theater in Birmingham, Alabama and at the Crossroads in Huntsville, Alabama. Embracing his newfound sobriety, Isbell next produced an album of haunting atonement and redemption, the sparse and impressive Southeastern, which appeared in 2013.


Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit is Jason Isbell's second full length album, and first album released with The 400 Unit as accompanying band. The deluxe version of the album contains an additional four tracks.

Track listing[edit]

"Seven-Mile Island" – 4:16"Sunstroke" – 5:15"Good" – 4:45"Cigarettes and Wine" – 6:45"However Long" – 4:17"Coda" – 2:05"The Blue" – 4:57"No Choice in the Matter" – 5:30"Soldiers Get Strange" – 4:07"Streetlights" – 4:10"The Last Song I Will Write" – 5:54"When My Baby's Beside Me" – 3:36*"Streetlights (Acoustic)" – 3:47*"The Blue (Acoustic)" – 4:23*"Cigarettes And Wine (Acoustic)" – 5:38*


Jason Isbell - guitars and vocalsBrowan Lollar - lead guitar and backup vocalsDerry deBorja - keyboardsJimbo Hart - bass guitarMatt Pence - drumsCharles Rose - horn arrangements on "No Choice In The Matter"Charles Rose, Harvey Thompson, and Vinny Ciesielski - horns on "No Choice In The Matter"*Track appears on the deluxe version of the album

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  • 09.20.14 When I say poets, I don't mean songwriters. Not to take away from either, but they are very different gigs.
  • 09.20.14 Props to anyone out there who has a favorite poet who is still alive.
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