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As an acronym, BLS may stand for:

Bachelor of Liberal StudiesBachelor of Library ScienceBacterial leaf scorch, a disease state affecting many cropsBare lymphocyte syndromeBasic life support, an emergency medical protocolBellSouth, ticker symbol for the United States telephone companyBLS AG, a railway company in Switzerland once called Bern-Lötschberg-Simplon railwayBlack Label Society, a heavy metal bandBlackboard Learning System, a virtual learning environmentBoneh–Lynn–Shacham, a cryptographic signature schemeBoston Latin School, the first school established in North AmericaBrillouin Scattering (or Brillouin Light Scattering)British Lichen SocietyBrooklyn Law SchoolBucerius Law School, the first private law school in GermanyBuckeye Leadership Society, an honorary leadership Society at The Ohio State UniversityBureau of Labor Statistics, a United States government agencyCadillac BLSECB Bank Lending Survey, a quarterly survey among Euro Area banks concerning credit conditionsWBLS-FM, a New York radio station ^ ECB description of the BLS