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Al Conti

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  • Born: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Years Active: 2000s


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Vermont-based new age composer/multi-instrumentalist Al Conti was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, of Italian and German ancestry. Growing up in Argentina, he developed interests in acting and music. He began teaching himself to play piano and guitar at age six, and started acting lessons at eight. Those lessons led to a career as a stage actor in Argentina. He moved to the U.S. at 17, and by the age of 20 had an agent, resulting in roles on-stage, in film, and on the soap opera As the World Turns. In the early '90s, he became more serious about composing music, but it wasn't until 2004 that he gave up acting in favor of music. In 2006, he released his debut album, Shadows, on his own Shadowside label. Poeta followed in 2007, and on October 7, 2008, Conti released Scheherazade.


Al Conti (1968) is a Grammy nominated New Age composer, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist.


Al Conti is Argentinian-born and currently resides in the United States. On May, 2013, Al released his new album, The Blue Rose, on the Shadowside Music label, and it immediately rose to the top #1 spot on the Zone Music Reporter (ZMR) Top 100 chart for May and June 2014. The album also reached #3 on the ZMR Top 100 Airplay Chart for 2013. His album 'Northern Seas' garnered a Grammy nomination, made Amazon's Top 10 list for Best New Age Albums of 2010 and reached #2 in the Zone Music Reporter's Top 100 chart for October 2010. His album 'Scheherazade' topped the Zone Music Reporter Top 100 Chart at number 1 for three consecutive months, in October, November and December, 2008. The album also garnered four ZMR Lifestyle Music Awards nominations, including Album of the Year, and won Best World Album of 2008. 'Scheherazade' also headed many radios 'Top 10' and 'Best of' lists,' as well as charting #5 on the ZMR's Top 100 Airplay Chart for 2008. His album 'Poeta' was used as part of NPR's fundraising efforts in 2007 and his recording 'Quest for Orpheus,' from the same album, received a “Best of 2007” Award from Mystic Soundscapes Radio.

In 2008, Al Conti joined Kevin Bacon, Jessica Alba, Will & Grace's Shelley Morrison and other celebrities lending their names to Until There's a Cure to help raise funds for HIV/AIDS awareness and research. Conti is also a member of Artists for Human Rights, an organization founded by actress Anne Archer.

Conti has traveled widely and has lived in South America, Europe and the United States. As an actor, he has appeared on television shows including the CBS daytime drama “As the World Turns,” in films, in numerous radio and television commercials, and on-stage in theatre productions in cities including New York City, Philadelphia, Tampa and Buenos Aires. Born and raised in Argentina, Conti comes from a family of artists in many fields. Al’s family tree also includes the famous Argentinean writer and politician Miguel Cané, who held numerous political offices, notably as Argentine minister of external affairs and of the Interior and Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires.

Al Conti is a member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) and The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.

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Personal life[edit]

Conti is openly gay, confirming this in a radio interview in May, 2012, when asked about personal relationships: "I have a partner who is very supportive of my work. I think this is the first time that I actually mention that I have a partner and that he is a man." He added that he maintains his privacy and never feels a need to speak of his personal life, adding, "I really never gave it a thought, I thought, you know, my music needs to speak for itself."

Al currently lives in Atlanta with his partner and their rescue dog, Digby.

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