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Dethcentrik is an avant-garde extreme metal project from Colorado, formed in the summer of 2009 by vocalist Stefan "Død Beverte" Klein, and guitarists Justin Torres and Michael Glass. As the band was joined by Rose Sinclair, they began to work on music, releasing their first recording, a demo version of Society's Whores on their MySpace shortly after. The band played live for the first time on 17 April 2010. Dethcentrik has had frequent lineup shifts since conception, and for their sound was coined "black horrormetal" by Terrorizer Magazine in the summer of 2010 and many songs by Dethcentrik have alternative versions and have been remixed.

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Current members[edit]
Stefan "Død Beverte" Klein is the only founding member of the band still involved with the band. He has created some of Dethcentrik's albums on his own, as well as being a solo artist using his alias Død Beverte to release albums, for guest performances, and for remixing other artists. He and Dethcentrik have sometimes been referred to synonymously. He is also the founder of the band's current label.Gunner "Jackie T" Harkey is the current guitarist, and a co-composer in Dethcentrik.
Past members[edit]
Daniel "JT Nightwolf" Kimmons was a guitarist for Dethcentrik, his arrest marked a drastic change for the bandKyle Merrill is an ex-guitarist of Dethcentrik, he co-composed Morderisk DepresjonZachary "Helvete Vokte" Taube was a guitarist for Dethcentrik, and the co-composer of Life Down the ToiletCole Gould is an ex-guitarist of DethcentrikRose Sinclair is an ex-bassist of DethcentrikSkyler Burnham played drums for the band for a short period of timeJustin Torres was one of the founding guitarists of DethcentrikMichael Glass was the other founding guitarist of DethcentrikConor "Chester Pain" Anthony is an ex-guitarist of DethcentrikSeth Littau is an ex-Guitarist of DethcentrikKaleb Littau is an ex-keyboardist, and backing vocalist of DethcentrikTim Dineen is an ex-bassist of DethcentrikBrian Pinelo is an ex-drummer of Dethcentrik
Guest musicians[edit]
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Criticism and controversy[edit]

Dethcentrik has undergone criticism for their music, mainly due to the extent of distortion used; in one instance the band's sound was compared to a garbage disposal. The band has also had music and video banned for offensive content, been place on a religious community threat list, and has come under fire for raw production and according to an extremely low-scoring review of their album Why the Innocent Die Young from the publication Metal Storm "simplicity.". According to the band's website, their frontman was charged with a hate crime, but the charges were dismissed in court.

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