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Soulganic is an independent Soul quartet that is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Soulganic also liberally infuses Latin, Funk, Rock, Blues and Jazz elements into its music. The band consists of Cory McClure (drums, keyboards), Ryan McKeithan (acoustic and electric guitars, vocals), Anthony Rodriguez (lead vocals, bass guitar), and Lucas Torres (percussion).

Organic Soul[edit]

The earliest known live appearance of the members of what would become Soulganic was February 2005, at the small winebar/coffeehouse Jitterz, at the time located in Huntersville, NC. Keyboardist Kevin Hughes and vocalist Anthony Rodriguez performed there, and were joined onstage mid-set by percussionist Lucas Torres.

Shortly thereafter, Rodriguez, longtime musical collaborator Ryan McKeithan, Hughes and Torres began performing as Organic Soul, and did such from March, 2005 until October, 2005.

The band changed their name from Organic Soul to Soulganic in October, 2005. According to an official release, the reason for the change was cited as “potential legal conflicts." The band referred to SoulBrother Records' Organic Soul compilation releases as the main source of said potential conflict. McKeithan is credited by the band with combining the former name to create the latter.

^ SoulConnexion, October, 2005

Lineup Changes[edit]

In July, 2005 keyboardist ML Caldwell joined the band, making Organic Soul a quintet. Just a month later, Hughes and the band acrimoniously parted ways. In January, 2006 Soulganic announced the addition of keyboardist/drummer Cory McClure as the band's drummer. McClure has served as the band's full-time live and studio drummer since January, 2006, and studio keyboardist since May, 2006. In May, 2006 the band issued a formal statement announcing the amicable departure of Caldwell. He has gone on to perform what Caldwell has dubbed “cosmic urban jazz.”

After the departure of Caldwell, Soulganic made the decision to “remain intact with the remaining four members...and take a little time off to rearrange the existing tunes and compose new ones."

^ SoulConnexion May, 2006


In August, 2006 Soulganic was awarded three awards by Creative Loafing: Best New Band, Critics' Choice; Best New Band, Readers' Choice; and Best Local Male Vocalist (Anthony Rodriguez), Critics' Choice.

^ Creative Loafing, - published August 2, 2006

All Directions Forward[edit]

In December, 2006, Soulganic began to record its debut album at Asylum Digital Recording Studios in Charlotte, NC, with engineer Scott Slagle. According to Rodriguez, “all the main music tracks were recorded live in one 8-hour session: 17 songs in one day; and the vocals and overdubs were done over another 12 hours." The album was recorded with the goal of being “as true to the live Soulganic experience as possible, to have the same wild energy we have on stage come across cleanly, but with a slight touch of solid production values,” according to Rodriguez

During the mixing process of the album, the band enlisted the aid of its fans in naming the album via an online survey. The fans chose between two names: “Life's Music” and “All Directions Forward,” with more than 70% of respondents choosing All Directions Forward as the title of Soulganic's debut album.

All Directions Forward was pre-released at the Soulganic Album Release Party on Friday, May 4, 2007, with opening acts folk artist Rebecca Loebe and neo-soul artist Sauda. Soulganic chose those performers as a “display of unified diversity." The official release date for All Directions Forward as noted on iTunes was May 7, 2007.

Included on the album are two tracks co-composed by former keyboardist ML Caldwell: “Fordham & Walton (On My Way Up)” and “Identity Crisis.” All other compositions are credited to the band as a whole

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From the Storm to the Sun[edit]

In July 2007 Soulganic announced on its website that the band had begun writing for their as-yet-untitled second album.

In a March, 2008 interview with indie music website the 3rd Power Report, Rodriguez stated: "We're laying down tracks for our next album and continuing to grow, continuing to experiment musically. We're just trying to let the music become what it wants to become, and wherever that takes us, that's where we'll go. So, hopefully what the listener will hear is our honest expression of where we are right now as human beings and as musicians, and that's what's most important," confirming that the recording process had begun in earnest for the band's sophomore release.

In December, 2008 on the official Soulganic website, the band released a statement saying they were "about 60% done with the album."

A June 21, 2009 tweet from the band confirmed the title for their upcoming release as From the Storm to the Sun. A post on the official Soulganic website dated July 25, 2009 indicated that the band planned to release an advance single in September. On September 9, 2009 Soulganic released "Let Me Go" as a single available for download through ReverbNation.com.

On December 15, 2009 From the Storm to the Sun was pre-released digitally on the band's website.

From the Storm to the Sun was released in audio CD format on February 23, 2010.

From the Storm to the Sun was written, composed, arranged, performed, engineered, recorded, produced and mixed by Soulganic over the Spring, Summer and Fall of 2009. It was mastered by Joe Kuhlmann at 34th & Hudson.

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Didactic Interstice[edit]

In June 2011 Soulganic revealed the process had begun of recording for their latest recording, entitled Didactic Interstice.

On February 12, 2013 "Wildfire" was digitally released as the lead single.

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