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Eddie Peregrina

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Eduardo Villavicencio Peregrina (November 11, 1944 – April 30, 1977), better known as Eddie Peregrina, was a singer and leading matinee idol of the 1970s. Dubbed as "the Original Jukebox King," he was most famous for hit songs such as What Am I Living For, Together Again, Two Lovely Flowers and Mardy, among others. He died at the age of 32 after a freak car accident in EDSA.


He was born on November 11, 1944 to Octavio Peregrina of Pililla, Rizal and Nena Villavicencio of Cebu. Eddie started singing in amateur contests as a young child. He won the singing contest of DZXL’s "Tita Betty’s Children Show" at the age of six. He became a professional singer, working as a vocalist for some bands, most notably the Blinkers Band in Japan. His biggest break came when he won the singing contest of Tawag ng Tanghalan, a popular TV variety show of the 60s and 70s.

Singing style[edit]

Peregrina's unusually high-pitched voice distinguished him from the rest of popular singers who, at the time, were mostly influenced by the low-pitched, smooth voices of international singers like Matt Monroe and Frank Sinatra. He had a habit of tipping his feet backwards to hit the highest note.


Peregrina's popularity was high, particularly among masses. Jukebox, the coin-operated machine which plays selected music, was said to have attained much popularity as well because of continuous requests of Peregrina's songs. His fame surge even more among the Filipino masses when he became movie star, cast with the leading ladies of the 1970s, including Esperanza Fabon and Nora Aunor, with whom he had a TV show entitled The Eddie-Nora Show on Channel 9 in the 1960s. Among his movies included Mardy, Memories of Our Dreams with Esperanza Fabon. He co-starred with his wife Lyn Salazarin in Batul of Mactan in 1974. He was also the leading man in Dito sa Aking Puso (1970) with Nora Aunor and with Vilma Santos in Mardy. Most of his films were produced by JBC Productions, which invariably paired him with Vilma Santos, Edgar Mortiz, Esperanza Fabon, and directed by Bebong Osorio. When not busy attending show business commitments, he managed his own business, including Edviper Records and the Pervil Photo Studio.

Personal life[edit]

Peregrina was married to actress Lynn Salazar, with whom he had two daughters, Edlyn and Michelle. And had also on son named Raymond De Leon. to his former manager.


Eddie's Mustang car collided with a trailer truck in EDSA Shaw underpass in 1977. He died a month and a week later (April 30, 1977) at the age of 32 at Polymedic Hospital due to internal hemorrhage. His death shocked his millions of fans nationwide.


1974 - Batul of Mactan1972 - I Do Love You1971 - Alaala ng Pag-ibig1971 - Luha sa bawa't awit1970 - Edong1970 - I Adore You1970 - Memories of Our Dream1970 - Songs and Lovers1970 - What Am I Living For1970 - Mardy1969 - Your Love1969 - Fiesta Extravaganza1969 - Halina Neneng ko1969 - The Jukebox King1969 - Mardy1969 - My Darling Eddie1969 - Halina Neneng ko


1970 - The Nora-Eddie Show


LP Albums1.1 Eddie Peregrina At His Best (LP)1.2 Christmas Greetings (LP)1.3 What Am I Living For (LP) (1970)1.4 Love Mood (LP) (1968)1.5 Encore (LP) (1969)1.6 Lonely Boy (LP) (1972)1.7 Old Time Favorites (LP) (1972)1.8 Eddie (LP)? (1972)1.9 Especially For You (LP) (1976)1.10 Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan (LP) (1977)1.11 Irog Ako Ay Mahalin (LP)1.12 Huling Paalam Ni Eddie Peregrina (1981)

LP Albums[edit]

Eddie Peregrina At His Best (LP)[edit]
1. Don't Hurt Me Again2. I Promise You3. Miracle Of Love4. Can't Go On My Own5. Long Ago6. I'll Reach For The Stars7. Remember Someone8. On The Other Hand9. Born To Cry10. More Than You'll Know11. She's My First Love12. Love Conquers All
Christmas Greetings (LP)[edit]
1. Miracle Of Christmas2. O Holy Night3. I'll Be Home For Christmas4. Silver Bells5. Silent Night6. Whispering Hope7. Blue Christmas8. O Little Town Of Bethlehem.9. The First Noel10. O Come All Ye Faithful11. You're All I Want For Christmas12. White Christmas
What Am I Living For (LP) (1970)[edit]
1. What Am I Living For2. Together Again3. Memories Of Our Dream4. I Feel Blue5. I Know6. Django (Cruel Love)7. Forever8. Give Me A Sign9. Someday You'll Know10. Two Of Us11. We'll Meet Again12. Mardy
Love Mood (LP) (1968) [edit]
1. Adore You2. Someone3. I Just Can't Tell You4. Gone With The Days5. Forever More6. Problems And Worries7. Lover's Lane8. No One9. Your Love10. You Were In My Mind11. Heartaches12. Leave Me Alone
Encore (LP) (1969) [edit]
1. Don't Ever Go2. Two Lovely Flowers3. Since You've Been Gone4. If I Never Knew You Cared5. Love For Sale6. Girl I Hope To Meet7. Golden Ship8. I Do Love You9. Follow The Rainbow10. Say It With Flowers11. If I Could Just Be With You12. Here I Am
Lonely Boy (LP) (1972) [edit]
1. Lonely Boy2. The Diary3. Everyday4. My Darling Woman5. I Apologize6. Hurt7. Crazy Love8. Come Back To Me9. Oh Carol10. Send Someone To Love Me11. Don't Ever Leave Me12. (Can't Live) Without You
Old Time Favorites (LP) (1972)[edit]
1. I Wish You Happiness2. The Voice Of Love3. You Mean Everything To Me4. More Than I Can Say5. Return To Me6. Hurt7. The Wonder Of You8. Slippin' And Slidin'9. Girl In The Wood (Remember Me)10. In My Little Room11. It's Now Or Never12. Time To Cry
Eddie (LP)? (1972) [edit]
1. Here's My Happiness2. Mama3. Truly4. I Want You To Know5. Wherever You Are6. Oh, Oh Why7. Poor Lonely Me8. Don't Ever Go Away9. Have You Ever Seen The Rain10. A Time For Us11. Love Me, Espie*12. We Miss You*
Especially For You (LP) (1976)[edit]
1. Don't Say Goodbye2. After3. Without Your Love4. It's Time For Me To Forget You5. Home At Last6. You're All I Need7. Believe Me8. Our Wedding Song9. Why Must I10. Where To Go11. Please Love Me Now
Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan (LP) (1977)[edit]
(Including The Last Songs of Eddie Peregrina) 1. Nabubuhay Ako Dahil Sa Iyo (What Am I Living For)2. Don't Say Goodbye3. Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Aking Buhay4. Bakas Ng Lumipas5. I Love You6. Ala-ala Ay Ikaw (Memories Of Our Dream)7. Kaligayahan (Together Again)8. Please Love Me Now9. Kung Ito Ang Palad Ko10. Why Must I11. Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan
Irog Ako Ay Mahalin (LP)[edit]
1. Irog Ako Ay Mahalin2. Ala-ala Ay Ikaw3. Matud Nila4. Minamahal Kita, Inay5. Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan6. Sa Iyong Pagbabalik7. Kung Ito Ang Palad Ko8. Bakas Ng Lumipas9. Pandora10. Pagsapit Ng Dapithapon11. Hinahanap Kita
Huling Paalam Ni Eddie Peregrina (1981) [edit]
(Including also the Tracks of Peregrina's LP called "Ala-ala Ng Bawat Awit") 1. Hanggang Kailan Kaya?2. Luha Sa Bawat Awit3. Awit Ng Pag-ibig4. Sa Gitna Ng Karimlan5. Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Buhay Ko6. Amelia7. Pinakamamahal Kita8. Lihim Ng Pag-ibig9. Patawad10. Pusong Salawahan11. Mahal Ko... Paalam12. Iwalay Mo Ako13. Lihim ng Pag-ibig14. Ala-ala Ng Pag-ibig


Send Someone To Love MeWhat Am I Living ForMemories Of Our DreamsHanggang Sa Dulo Ng Walang HangganMemories - 3CD Collection18 Greatest Hits Vol. 118 Greatest Hits Vol. 2I Can't Believe Vol. 1Eddie Peregrina's Christmas Album (Christmas Greetings)
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