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Vladimir Kuzmin

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Vladimir Borisovich Kuzmin (Russian: Влади́мир Борисович Кузьмин born May 31, 1955) is a Russian rock singer and songwriter.

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Kuzmin is the son of Boris Kuzmin, a sailor officer, and Natalya Kuzmina, teacher of Russian language and literature. When he was young boy, Kuzmin played on a violin in musical school. He wrote his first song when he was six years old. He independently learned to play on a guitar. In 6th grade he organized his first band Aelita. Two years later, on school evenings, he performed songs of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin along with his own material.

^ (Russian) Official site of Vladimir Kuzmin. Biography.


Then Kuzmin earned a degree in a musical college, became a lead guitarist of professional VIA bands Nadejda (1977 - 1978) and Samotsvety (1978 - 1979). Producer of Samotsvety Yuri Malikov remembered that Kuzmin arranged some songs. But, in 1979, together with vocalist and guitarist of Vesiolie Rebiata Alexander Barykin, Kuzmin organized rock band Carnaval.

In 1981 Carnaval have been released EP on main Soviet firm of musical records Melodiya and debut album The Superman. In Carnaval Kuzmin has brightly proved himself as a rock guitarist and also as a composer, arranger, vocalist.

Carnaval - Ice Shed Tears (music and lyrics by Vladimir Kuzmin) on YouTube

He played on keyboards, violin and flute too.

In 1982 Kuzmin organized new band called Dinamik. He remained a friend of Alexander Barykin. In 2005, six years prior to his sudden death, Barykin was special quest on jubilee's concert of Kuzmin.

Vladimir Kuzmin and Alexander Barykin - The Ball (music and lyrics by Vladimir Kuzmin) on YouTube

Kuzmin toured USA under the direction of American promoter Scott Pedersen in 1989 with Dinamik. American singer-songwriter Michael Bolton said: «Vladimir Kuzmin is a super-talented musician, I’ve ever known in my life. By the way, we've hanged out down in Moscow in 1988 and I wrote a beautiful song together. Actually, I send a letter to him, but I had no answer. He’s my Russian brother. Let him know.»

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