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  • Formed: Dunedin, New Zealand
  • Years Active: 1990s


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Formed in mid-1988, the New Zealand noise pop band 3D's comprised vocalist/guitarist David Saunders, bassist Denise Roughan (formerly of Look Blue Go Purple, and author of that group's big hit "Cactus Cat"), and ex-Snapper drummer Dominic Stones. By the time 3D's made their live debut later in the year, their ranks also included guitarist David Mitchell. The quartet first appeared with the track "Meluzina Man" on the popular Xpressway Pile-Up compilation, and in early 1990 recorded their debut EP, Fish Tales. With both Saunders and Mitchell splitting their time in the Robert Scott-led Magick Heads, 3D's went on the back burner, with only the EP Swarthy Songs for Swabs appearing in 1991; finally, in 1992, they issued their debut full-length, Hellzapoppin. The single "Beautiful Things" preceded the release of 1993's The Venus Trail, and a year later they toured America in support of Pavement and Superchunk. After the release of the Caterwauling EP in late 1994, 3D's largely dropped from sight for an extended period, finally resurfacing in mid-1996 with Strange News from the Angels.


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