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Alfred may refer to:


Alfred (bishop) (died 943)Alfred the Great (849–899), king of Wessex.Alfred Aetheling (died 1036), son of King Ethelred II of England.Alfred Eissler, American football playerAlfred Gaynor, American serial killer.Alfred Hitchcock, an English film director and producer.Alfred Newton, an English zoologist and ornithologist.Alfred Nobel, a Swedish chemist, engineer, innovator, and armaments manufacturer.

In geography:

Lake Alfred, FloridaAlfred, MaineAlfred (town), New YorkAlfred (village), New YorkAlfred, North DakotaAlfred, TexasAlfred, Ontario, CanadaAlfred Island, Nunavut, CanadaAlfred Town, a village in New South Wales, AustraliaMount Alfred, British Columbia, Canada

In fiction:

Alfred, a fictional penguin in the comic strip Zig et PuceAlfred J. Kwak, a Dutch animated television seriesAlfred Pennyworth, a DC comic book character who serves as Batman's butlerAlfred Brooks, the main character in The Contender, created by Robert LipsyteAlfred F. Jones, the national personification of the United States of America from the webmanga series Hetalia: Axis Powers

In music:

Alfred (Arne opera), a 1740 masque by Thomas ArneAlfred (Dvořák opera), an 1870 opera by Antonín Dvořák


HMS Alfred (1778)HMS King AlfredHMS Royal Alfred (1864)USS Alfred (1774)


Alfred (name)Alfred (racehorse), a leading competitor for the 1849 Grand National Steeplechase that finished fourthAlfred (software), an application launcher for Mac OS XAlfred Music Publishing, a sheet music publisherAlfred State College, New YorkAlfred University, New YorkThe Alfred Hospital, a hospital in Melbourne, Australia