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Alpha Wave Movement

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  • Formed: Jacksonville, FL
  • Years Active: 1990s, 2000s
  • Group Members: Gregory Kyryluk


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Group Members: Gregory Kyryluk

All Music Guide:

Alpha Wave Movement is the project of Gregory Kyryluk. Alpha Wave Movement began in 1990 when Kyryluk released a track called "Blink of an Eye" for a small AM-radio talk show in Jacksonville, FL. "Blink of an Eye" was rhythmic and melodic, but quite obscure. It was, however, this release that began Alpha Wave Movement and started a string of releases. Between these initial forays into electronic music, Alpha Wave Movement was Gregory Kyryluk's preferred mode of electronic music experimentation. 1994 yielded Alpha Wave Movement's first compilation contribution and first commercial release with Silent Records' From Here to Tranquility, Vol. 4 compilation. Between this release and Alpha Wave Movement's first full-length release, Gregory Kyryluk experimented more and more with his sound, trying to achieve a bridge between American electronic music and the Berlin-school style of electronic music, along the lines of Tangerine Dream, Ashra, and the always notable Klaus Schulze. In 1995, he came the closest that he had come to achieving this sort of "├╝ber musik" that would be his own, yet reminiscent of the electronic music that he had come to love and enjoy; this release was Transcendence on Gregory Kyryluk's own Harmonic Resonance Recordings label. As mentioned, this CD was a definite step toward the sound environments that Gregory Kyryluk enjoyed dwelling in, and his sonic experimentation continued further.

Gregory Kyryluk and his Alpha Wave Movement project began to focus more on the cosmic, spacious, and reflective aspects of his musical persona. It was this direction, whether he knew it or not at the time, that would certainly elevate his work to more and more audiences. Around this time, Gregory Kyryluk began listening to explorations into classic Arabic music both popular and traditional, as well as hybrid ethno-Indian music like that of Sheila Chandra and Michael Brook's projects with vocalist Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. This exotic music left an indelible impression on Gregory Kyryluk and he felt the urge to incorporate the rhythmic pulse and atmosphere of this music into his own electronic inspirations. Following the successful debut of Alpha Wave Movement's Transcendence, several other recordings in the same vein were released over the course of the next half decade; including 1996's The Edge of Infinity on the Groove Unlimited label, as well as 1998's Concept of Motion and 2000's Drifted Into Deeper Lands, both of which were also featured on the Groove Unlimited label. 2001 saw Gregory Kyryluk and Alpha Wave Movement doing a very successful and well-received collaboration with Jim Cole of Spectral Voices fame by the name of Bislama. This work truly brings to life some Gregory Kyryluk's interests in Arabic and Far Eastern ethnic music, only it's brought to life by a wide and panoramic stereo field that seems to suck the listener in. Alpha Wave Movement and Gregory Kyryluk continue to go strong.