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Anais Mitchell And Jefferson Hamer

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  • Anais Mitchell And Jefferson Hamer

  • Anais Mitchell And Jefferson Hamer


  • 10.20.16 windmill, old @ Leiden Centrum https://t.co/KCCDmAZH9E
  • 10.14.16 RT @IAMKP: A very thoughtful appreciation of the wonderful Dick Gaughan here. There's mibbe be no gods and precious few heroes but he's rig…
  • 10.13.16 RT @nytimesarts: Bob Dylan has won the Nobel Prize in Literature for "poetic expressions within the great American song tradition" https://…
  • 10.13.16 Bobby D for the Nobel !
  • 10.11.16 Agreed, for instance, I just read "therapists" as "the rapists" https://t.co/ikuqss8lLP
  • 10.11.16 The most productive hours in this short, blissful life are spent in the total absence of wi-fi
  • 10.08.16 More action @murphybedsmusic https://t.co/Sd1rtb90Eg
  • 10.08.16 Some Dingle action w @murphybedsmusic https://t.co/Anj14UZp0B
  • 10.08.16 Killarney Real Estate https://t.co/zVoibVtRDh
  • 10.03.16 RT @IvoHDaalder: Results of referenda in Colombia and Hungary, show what Britain already taught us: A referendum is no way to make public p…
  • 10.02.16 RT @Wildknees: weird how you see guys in suits carrying a briefcase looking at corporate cow death menu and they can't figure out what they…
  • 09.30.16 We Sprinkled some fairy dust on this with the help of @Sinkysy and Airshow Mastering! https://t.co/B7eN3Jjavh