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Andrea Echeverri

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  • Years Active: 2000s


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Columbia's Andrea Echeverri is best known as the outspoken leader of the Grammy-winning Latin alt-rock/trip-hop outfit Aterciopelados; she's also a Latina who sideswipes stereotypes by leaning more toward Cat Power than Christina Aguilera musically. For all her feminist fire and subversiveness, though -- upon the formation of Aterciopelados in 1990, the pierced and tattooed Echeverri stunned her conservative country by singing a song about her unwillingness to ruin her silhouette by having children -- her voice is renowned for its enveloping purr and warmth. The name Aterciopelados, aptly, translates as "the velvety ones" and is taken from a poem by Simone de Beauvoir -- a hint at both the high-mindedness and social consciousness of Echeverri and her collaborator in Aterciopelados, Héctor Buitrago. Musically, Aterciopelados' albums run a range from folky to funky; hippie-ish North African grooves fuse pleasingly with electronica, and traditional Latin sounds bump up against American pop/rock. The eclectic sound earned Echeverri and Buitrago a wider following in the U.S. upon the release of the widely acclaimed Gozo Poderoso in 2001. Though Aterciopelados was still an active, touring band in 2005 with plans to continue recording, Echeverri again asserted her independent spirit that year by releasing a solo project. Buzz about Andrea Echeverri spread quickly, with the consensus being that it is likely the sexiest album about motherhood ever recorded. The set, broken into two parts thematically, one called "From the Cradle" and the other "From the Bed," explores Echeverri's relationship with her two-year-old daughter first, then delves into the joy of parenting with a committed partner. A song about breast-feeding incorporating the jingle-jangle sounds of nursery toys in the first section flows freely into a serene ode to familial, long-term love in the second. That the songs are sung in Spanish seems to have mattered little to Echeverri's English-speaking listeners. Praise for its lushness and freshness poured in universally, ringed in hopes that further solo outings will follow.


Andrea Echeverri (born 13 September 1965) is a Colombian rock/pop singer and guitarist. She is the lead singer in Aterciopelados where she also plays the acoustic guitar. Echeverri has long captivated audiences with her potently melodic brand of feminism. In March 2005 her debut solo album "Andrea Echeverri" was released by Nacional Records, a label focused on promoting the best in Latin alternative music. Andrea is of Basque descent.

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Andrea Echeverri (album)[edit]

After the critical and commercial success of 2001's Gozo Poderoso, which landed Aterciopelados on the Top 10 of the Billboard Top Latin Albums Sales chart as well as a coveted appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Echeverri took time off for the birth of her first child Milagros, who has proven to be a new point of artistic inspiration. The result is the self-titled album Andrea Echeverri, her first solo release. The disc was produced by Hector Buitrago from Aterciopelados and mixed by Thom Russo (Juanes, Kinky, Johnny Cash), and also features a remix from Richard Blair (Sidestepper).

On "A Eme O", the album's upbeat first single, Echeverri sings “Since you were born, I've become a better lover. Its as if you've unplugged my tubes.” On the chill-out lullaby track "Baby Blues" (which was featured in the soundtrack for the film La mujer de mi hermano), she observes the bond between mother and daughter as Milagros cries late at night. "Some songs are written for Milagros, but they sound like they're written for a lover," said Andrea. Going ever further, she satirizes the highly sexualized lyrics of the Colombian genre called champeta, naming one of the albums tracks "Lactochampeta". “It's kind of a joke, because it has explicit lyrics about lactating,” muses Andrea.

Performances and Projects[edit]

A series of tour dates followed the album's release, including headlining the Latin Alternative Music Conference's Women Who Rock concert in front of 10,000 people at the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, as well as the La Banda Elastica Magazine Awards.

In December 2007 Echeverri exhibited her ceramic works at the Feria del Libro in Guadalajara, Mexico, where she also performed with Aterciopelados.


In 2005 the album "Andrea Echeverri" was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for “Best Female Pop Vocal Album.” The album was nominated for a Grammy Award for "Best Latin Pop Album" in 2006.

For the MTV-LA Awards in 2005, Echeverri was nominated in four categories, winning for “Best New Artist – Central.”

In 2006 the album received two nominations for the Premios Lo Nuestro Awards – "Rock Album of the Year" and "Song of the Year" for the single “A Eme O.”


Echeverri is currently working and performing with Hector Buitrago in their group Aterciopelados. Their album “Oye,” released by Nacional Records in 2006 was awarded a Latin Grammy for "Best Alternative Album" in November 2007. Their latest album is "Rio" which released in October 2008.

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