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Annie Hayden

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  • Years Active: 2000s


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Best known as one of the singers and guitarists from the mid-'90s indie rock quartet Spent, singer/songwriter Annie Hayden continued with her musical career after the group disbanded. Based in New York City, Hayden works as a piano technician at Steinway Hall while also writing and recording songs with her former bandmates John King and Ed Radich. Her debut album The Rub was released in early 2001 by Merge, Spent's former label. After a four year delay, her sophomore release, The Enemy of Love was released in 2005. A much more sophisticated and arranged record, it was recorded at Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens, NY, also known as the home of Sesame Street.


Annie Hayden was one of four members of the 90s indie rock band Spent. In the year 2000 she embarked on her solo career, releasing The Rub. Her second solo album followed in 2005, also released on Merge Records, titled The Enemy of Love.

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Track listings[edit]

The Rub (2000)[edit]
"Start a Little Late" (2:49)"Slip is Showing" (3:12)"The Land of Nod" (1:39)"Alone" (2:25)"Wood and Glue" (3:51)"Albatross" (3:05)"Red Lines" (2:15)"Guitar Lesson" (2:02)"Sign of Your Love" (2:38)"Pistol and Glasses" (2:15)"Lovely to See" (7:51)"untitled"
The Enemy of Love (2005)[edit]
"Cara Mia" (2:52)"Hip Hurray" (3:40)"Anytime" (1:14)"Your Carnival" (3:09)"Boos" (1:39)"Weather" (2:54)"Money Trouble" (2:49)"Gray" (2:01)"Swingin' Party" (3:36)"Piano" (1:14)"Wait For Returns" (3:37)"Starring in the Movies" (3:02)"Willie's Fortune" (4:12)